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  1. (Black) Teen Arrested, Another Sought in Philly Gun Fight that Killed Bystander
  2. 2 mestizos in court for meth lab in southwest Bakersfield
  3. Negro arrested in connection to child assault at Buttonwillow motel appears in court
  4. Detention officer (white?) assaulted by mestizo inmates at Pinal County Jail
  5. WM, 59 mowed down on Hot Springs, AR sidewalk by a Shakeetrya on cannabinoids
  6. WF, 30 jogger raped, strangled to death on her Queens park evening run by rabid nigger
  7. NYC: Critics question astonishing crime drop at city schools
  8. LAPD warns public of negro sexual-predator prowler
  9. WM, 50 gunned down outside Phoenix deli by 2 negros
  10. Lavont bees critical after hims sow douches hims wif boiling hot soup
  11. Obama shortens sentences for 214 federal prisoners
  12. Rogers PD Arrest Mestizo in EZ Mart Armed Robbery
  13. Negro Willie Nelson accused of trying to rape teen
  14. Negro of North Carolina sheboon state senator is indicted on multiple rape and extortion charges
  15. Negro arrested in Aultman Hospital rape, abduction
  16. Kingston mestizo, 29, charged with rape of 16-year-old girl
  17. Norwegian negro loving tourist arrested in connection with death threats against Portland, ME police
  18. Black Sports: Former UTC basketball negro Duke Ethridge dismissed after on-campus arrest
  19. Negro arrested for fatal shooting
  20. Texas mestizo fugitive wanted for murder captured in Dalton
  21. Bill Cosby Doesn’t Want Jury To Hear Him Offer Money To Accuser
  22. A Year After Daylight Shootout on Residential Philly Block, One (black) Shooter Still on the Lam
  23. Ecuadorian Contractor admits to ‘playing minority card’ in 1WTC scam
  24. (Black) Hit-and-run driver gets jail time as (White) victim recalls harrowing scene
  25. Supreme Court grants emergency order to block tranny male student from using boys' restroom
  26. Angry Negress Turns Lighter Fluid Bottle On Group
  27. White woman's only car torched by negro serial arsonist
  28. Update: Negro captured! White woman's only car torched by negro serial arsonist
  29. Negro Swim Coach Gets 18 Years for Kidnapping, Sex Assault of 13-Year-Old Girl
  30. Negress babysitter dun licked the private parts of 7-year-old girl multi times
  31. Negro monkey sought in suburban flashings of men, attempted sex assault
  32. KCMO police searching for two negroes involved in multiple midtown armed street robberies
  33. Feral negro wif big bootlips threw puppy off third story balcony, dog euthanized
  34. Darkest Africa: Husband hacks off wife’s hands after saying she failed to have children
  35. I caught my spic maid wearing my designer clothes on Facebook
  36. American female in 60s knifed to death, 5 injured central London by Somoolie
  37. American female in 60s knifed to death, 5 injured central London by Somoolie
  38. American female in 60s knifed to death, 5 injured central London by black muslim Somoolie terrorist
  39. Feral negress chimp bites Memphis cop, exposing him to HIV
  40. Memphis PD negroid officer arrested aggravated sexual battery, suspended with pay
  41. Hillary Clinton, Candidate of Billionaire Jews
  42. Negro sought in robberies, sexual assaults of females aged 74, 58
  43. Falcoons release Groid Green after allegations of sexual assault
  44. Black inmate attacks suspected Charleston church shooter in jail
  45. Caged negro monkey threw his own feces at Cook County Jail guard
  46. Caged negro monkey threw his own feces at Cook County Jail guard For Second Time
  47. Here's Obola, satanic P.O.S., playing who's kidding who regarding vote-rigging (1 min vid)
  48. Mammy Of 7 Doused In Gasoline, Set On Fire In Broad Daylight By Negro "Boo Boo"
  49. New Black Panther Party Leader Robbed By Negro
  50. Feds say "Don't Tread On Me Hats" could be racial harassment
  51. hitlery murder body-count over just last 6 weeks: 5 so far (10 min vid)
  52. hitlery murder body-count over just last 6 weeks: 5 so far (10 min vid)
  53. hitlery murder body-count over just last 6 weeks: 5 so far (10 min vid)
  54. Negro running for Coongress ooks hims wuz racially profiled after traveling in stolen rental van
  55. LGBTQueer Fairfax, VA mayor faces drug charges after meth-for-homo sex sting
  56. San Jose Police Accused Of Stings Singling Out Fags In Tearooms
  57. Jiggaboo Jackscoon Jr. arrested on rape, kidnapping charges
  58. Charlotte coon charged with conspiring to help ISIL
  59. Four, 18-year-old colored boys arrested for killing Altamonte Springs, FL man, 81
  60. Salem, OR white dad shot to death by negro, spic trying to rob weed dealer son
  61. Arrested After Video Of NE Philly Wawa Brawl Goes Viral
  62. Bessemer Police searching for negro in connection with armed robbery
  63. Colored man charged with involuntary manslaughter in deaths of twin daughters
  64. One-Eyed Negro Arrested after Chase
  65. Its Happening – Texas Governor Calling For Convention Of The States To Rein In Washington
  66. (Black) Police Officer Arrested, Allegedly Solicited Arson Of His Own Vehicle
  67. Colored City Council fag faces criminal sexual conduct charges
  68. Negro arrested for making threats on social media
  69. Black teen girl charged with killing abusive dad is terrified of getting life in prison
  70. Colored prosecuting attorney will face 2 special judges
  71. Medford mestizos drive-by shooting suspects sentenced
  72. Aide hired to solicit Asian vote posted anti-Asian rants online
  73. New York City lowers the standards for its majority non-white students
  74. NYC: Public schools - Lower standards for Common Core raises ‘inflation criticism’
  75. Police Identify Two Slain During Violent Five-Hour Stretch of 10 Shootings in Philadelphia
  76. Fayetteville negro charged with multiple crimes in June sex assault case
  77. D.C. negro charged with murder
  78. 6 negro teens charged in home invasion, armed robbery in Arlington
  79. Montco Gymnastics Instructor Daniel Erb Charged With Child Sex Assault
  80. Montco Gymnastics Instructor Charged With Child Sex Assault
  81. Police Discover 81 Firearms While Searching Man’s Home For Child Pornography
  82. Nigga will steal yo stuff - Suspects stole lugagge from Bush IAH daily for six months
  83. Separate Obits For (black) South Jersey Man Mention Wife, Girlfriend
  84. Grantville, GA WF, 83, brutally beaten, set on fire in negro home invasion
  85. Five black Negro demons arrested for setting 83-year-old White woman on fire in home invasion
  86. Five black Negro demons (some used to work for victim) arrested for attack 83-year-old White woman
  87. Danish Female Finds Enlightenment in India: raped by 5 pakis
  88. Coalburner says 14-year-old mixed girl that shot abusive buck to deff is ‘hero who saved them all'
  89. Teen raped at Nashville recreational center; Spic sketch released
  90. Elk Grove, CA PD: Negro exposed himself to victim jogging, attempted to pull her into shrubs
  91. Re: Niggers And Cars Don't Mix - Couple arrested after accusing Cobb police of hit-run
  92. Fräulein Vanessa disfigured for life after face douche mit industrial drain cleaner by ex negro buck
  93. Negro Peoples Activists Aghast At Videos of Groid Made Good By CHI Kwaps
  94. Black Chicago gangs reportedly planned attack on cops 'in retaliation' for death of black thug
  95. ObamaCare rates set to skyrocket for most New Yorkers
  96. Negro living at non-profit accused of killing 2 non white female counselors
  97. Negress sow teacher, Marquita dun gitz muh coochie satisifaction wif 5 stoodints
  98. Negress home health care nurse charged in theft of elderly woman's jewelry
  99. Jiggaboo Jamario iz now very good negro via US Marshals in East Point, GA
  100. Former Fairfield PD negro janitor accused of stealing, selling confiscated firearms