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  1. Bakersfield, CA WF, 80 shot and beaten during negro robbery that lasted 17 hours
  2. #JusticeForThumper: Deputies arrest nigger accused of setting rabbit on fire
  3. #JusticeForThumper: Deputies arrest nigger accused of setting rabbit on fire
  4. Negro, 35, charged in sex abuse of 14-year-old boy
  5. Corpus Christi police find missing mudshark dead in a ditch; arrest negro boyfriend
  6. Cuz clearly you can't do anything in these streets of Detroit wifout sum negro trying to violate u
  7. 2 Shines, 9-Year-Old Colored Boy Killed In Shooting Outside San Bernardino Liquor Store
  8. 2 Shines, 9-Year-Old Colored Boy Killed In Shooting Outside Liquor Store - suspook caught
  9. Charleston, WV WM, 23 shot to death by the negro "Dravo"
  10. Dallas sniper was sent home from Afghanistan for sexually harassing a female soldier
  11. Infant shot, negro buck and coalburner dead in apparent Cumberland County murder-suicide
  12. Disgraced (black) pol John Sampson’s bid for a new trial is shot down
  13. HPD says officers shot, killed gungroid on Houston's south side
  14. Heck yeah--Obola had to "do Dallas" in order to deflect fm disastrous Comey debacle w. hitlery
  15. Black Girlfriend (of black shot dead by Mnpls police) Arrested In Connection To Hammer Attack
  16. The Frenchie absolutely NAILS it: says Trump vs. Clinton is "Brexit II"--no excrement, Sherlock!
  17. Trump: "Hillary's Vision is a Borderless World Where Working People Have No Power, No Jobs, No Safet
  18. Sumrall, SC WF, 44 dead single gunshot wound; negro charged
  19. "Natives are restless" - Blacktivists act out paranoid victimhood
  20. Updates: (Blacktivist) Natives are restless
  21. Prosecutors: Camden County Man Christopher Campi Had More Than 20,000 Images Of Child Porn
  22. Michael Disporto Jr. Accused of Sexually Assaulting, Killing Toddler
  23. 2 black Suspects on Trial in Montgomery County Home Invasion Killing
  24. Dallas sniper left message in his own blood on garage walls
  25. Half-breed (sports person) Derek Jeter marries (white woman)
  26. Mixed-race baseballer gets white model pregnant
  27. Chink found bound with electrical cord inside Midtown nightclub
  28. Dent-Headed Nigger NYPD detective: We need more cops of color
  29. ‘Selfless’ teacher Joshua Sipkin sexually abused drunk female student: probe
  30. ‘I disciplined one of my black students — and CUNY fired me’
  31. Winer Haven, FL WM, 78 dead, wife shot robbery; Roach now dead
  32. 300,000 Black Lives not worth a fingernail
  33. (Black) Man stabs another over reported $2 debt
  34. Syrian refugee in US 2 mo. held in indecent assault on girl, 13 at Lowell, MA pool
  35. Jiggaboo Johnson dun killed hims mammy, other in AR iz made "good" negro by kwaps in OK
  36. NC WF, 29 shot and killed in North Myrtle Beach was "in the company" of 2 negros of interest
  37. Ho ho ho--is this embarrassing?--Trump's k*ke son-in-law (richer than Trump!) tells about holohoax
  38. $1.5M Bail Set for Tashad Henry Charged in Camden Shooting
  39. Police: Man Shot By (Black) Gunman Who Takes Car With Infant Inside
  40. Competency hearing set for negro monkey shooting death Ardmore, OK WM, 35
  41. Negro monkey arrested after groping blind student at Broward College
  42. Son Lamar Green stabs father with kitchen knife during spat in home
  43. Chipley, FL WF restaurant owner in critical condition after shooting by disgruntled negro
  44. Off-duty officer confronts negro monkeys who robbed senior in Lake View
  45. I make $60 a day fishing for coins in city fountains - José Mendez
  46. Giuliani: Black people need to respect cops
  47. BLM on Russian Hate List: Orders from the top
  48. Man Shot, Killed During Attempted Robbery In Arlington, TX by 2 Negros
  49. Negro (using ruse of wanting to cut lawn) arrested on rape and kidnapping charges
  50. Belleville, IL colored boy charged with sexual assault
  51. New UK PM, May, makes obligatory pledge of loyalty to precious k*ke filth of Israel--vid
  52. (Black) Man gets life in (White) fireman's murder
  53. E STL Police: Naked negro fatally shot by officers was firing gunshots
  54. (Black female) Former Phila. School Principal Learns Her Sentence For Role In Cheating Scandal
  55. Ex-Chester County Pastor Jacob Malone Accused of Impregnating Teen Faces Rape Trial
  56. Cosby Switching Lawyers in Civil Cases
  57. Natives are restless: In Wake of Police Shootings Protesters March Through Philadelphia
  58. (Black) Rapper "Troy Ave" pleads not guilty in T.I. concert shooting - posts bail
  59. Colored boy punched, carjacked, then ran over St. Petersburg WF, 54
  60. Mudshark w/ mixed sprogs turned tricks in a chicken coop
  61. Protests In Philadelphia Continue For 6th Straight Day
  62. (Black) Killer Admits to Using Same Gun to Kill 2 Teens Days Apart
  63. Updates: Ex-Penn St. Coach Sandusky Charged With Homo Sex Abuse of Young Boys
  64. Canada: "Amber Alert" For Mixed Race 5-year old Female
  65. Amber Alert For Mixed Race 5-year old Female - Pimp and Negro "Family Friend" Arrested
  66. Negro indictment shooting death Louisville WF, 28
  67. Negro fires 17 shots into home and patrol car of IMPD officer
  68. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud--breaking stories
  69. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud--breaking story
  70. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud
  71. How PC (political-correctness) is actually mental-illness
  72. Knee grow holy man, 59 dun habbed as many as six sexual encounters wif minor
  73. Del Colored Student Shot and Killed While Driving to Work by a Smoke Jumper
  74. New Black Panther Party will be armed during RNC protests
  75. Brooklyn stick nigger charged in attempted rape near Prospect Park
  76. (Black) Psych patient gets 17 years to life for brutal shower killing
  77. Negro, 23, charged with sex abuse of girl under age 12
  78. Sandnigger surgeon didn’t scam Medicare for $85M, just kept bad books: lawyer
  79. Pakistani Doctor found guilty of billing Medicare $25M for bogus surgeries
  80. Three coons charged with sellling Cleveland teens for sex at suburban hotels
  81. Bank robbery spook is wanted sambo sex offender
  82. Kathryn Knott Released From Jail After Doing Time For Attack On Gay Couple
  83. Two Lawyers Step Down from Bill Cosby's Sex-Assault Case
  84. Bill Cosby has gone “completely blind”
  85. Suspect accused of shoving man down subway stairs: It wasn’t me
  86. NYC: This school makes it nearly impossible to fail
  87. Bernie (Sanders), ditzy Jew, caves-in, as we knew he would, to hitlery, betraying "progressivism"
  88. Bernie (Sanders), ditzy Jew, caves-in, as we knew he would, to hitlery, betraying "progressivism"
  89. Watch these psycho, mentally-ill "liberals" for gun-control turn-down "gun-free" signs for home
  90. Negro accused of repeatedly raping child jailed on $1 million bond
  91. Former Employee Luis Eduardo Lopez Accused of Placing Camera in Women's Bathroom at Restaurant
  92. First black Miss Alabama suspended after calling Dallas cop-killer a ‘martyr’
  93. Meet the (Canadian) *ssh*le singer who caused All-Star Game outrage - (ALL LIVES MATTER)
  94. Silverback negro, 82, sexually abused girl for nearly 7 years
  95. Metro FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails
  96. Woman fights off (black) alleged would-be rapist who followed her home
  97. Two suspects stabbed man, hurled anti-gay slurs
  98. Melissa Mark-Viverito expected to show how Trump would hurt NYC
  99. BlM: Funding + Docile Media - Exposed: Who’s REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter
  100. Auschwitz Museum says no to "Pokemon Go"; Could it expose the jew fraudsters?