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  1. Negro indictment shooting death Louisville WF, 28
  2. Negro fires 17 shots into home and patrol car of IMPD officer
  3. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud--breaking stories
  4. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud--breaking story
  5. Updates: Clinton Foundation charity is huge fraud
  6. How PC (political-correctness) is actually mental-illness
  7. Knee grow holy man, 59 dun habbed as many as six sexual encounters wif minor
  8. Del Colored Student Shot and Killed While Driving to Work by a Smoke Jumper
  9. New Black Panther Party will be armed during RNC protests
  10. Brooklyn stick nigger charged in attempted rape near Prospect Park
  11. (Black) Psych patient gets 17 years to life for brutal shower killing
  12. Negro, 23, charged with sex abuse of girl under age 12
  13. Sandnigger surgeon didn’t scam Medicare for $85M, just kept bad books: lawyer
  14. Pakistani Doctor found guilty of billing Medicare $25M for bogus surgeries
  15. Three coons charged with sellling Cleveland teens for sex at suburban hotels
  16. Bank robbery spook is wanted sambo sex offender
  17. Kathryn Knott Released From Jail After Doing Time For Attack On Gay Couple
  18. Two Lawyers Step Down from Bill Cosby's Sex-Assault Case
  19. Bill Cosby has gone “completely blind”
  20. Suspect accused of shoving man down subway stairs: It wasn’t me
  21. NYC: This school makes it nearly impossible to fail
  22. Bernie (Sanders), ditzy Jew, caves-in, as we knew he would, to hitlery, betraying "progressivism"
  23. Bernie (Sanders), ditzy Jew, caves-in, as we knew he would, to hitlery, betraying "progressivism"
  24. Watch these psycho, mentally-ill "liberals" for gun-control turn-down "gun-free" signs for home
  25. Negro accused of repeatedly raping child jailed on $1 million bond
  26. Former Employee Luis Eduardo Lopez Accused of Placing Camera in Women's Bathroom at Restaurant
  27. First black Miss Alabama suspended after calling Dallas cop-killer a ‘martyr’
  28. Meet the (Canadian) *ssh*le singer who caused All-Star Game outrage - (ALL LIVES MATTER)
  29. Silverback negro, 82, sexually abused girl for nearly 7 years
  30. Metro FBI agents signed NDA for matters involving Hillary’s emails
  31. Woman fights off (black) alleged would-be rapist who followed her home
  32. Two suspects stabbed man, hurled anti-gay slurs
  33. Melissa Mark-Viverito expected to show how Trump would hurt NYC
  34. BlM: Funding + Docile Media - Exposed: Who’s REALLY Behind Black Lives Matter
  35. Auschwitz Museum says no to "Pokemon Go"; Could it expose the jew fraudsters?
  36. Idaho transgender woman accused of recording woman in Target dressing room
  37. Transgender’s Court Plea: Filming Girls in Target Changing Room a ‘Mistake’
  38. Negro rape spook of young girl arrested in Jonesboro
  39. Negro "worker" at home for disabled charged with sex abuse of coworker
  40. ID sought on feces-tossing negro monkey in armed robbery
  41. UK: Chaos as KFC negro customers leap counter to steal chicken
  42. Police Seek Sambo Suspect For Allegedly Stealing Money From Church Donations
  43. Updates: Big surprise: criminal FBI determines no charges for crooked hitlery
  44. (Black) New Jersey Woman Skips Out on More Than 500 Tolls
  45. Charles Barkley: Black People Have 'To Do Better'
  46. Anti-Police Brutality T-Shirt at Cherry Hill Mall Sparks Controversy
  47. South Jersey Mall Reverses Decision To Ban Anti-Police Brutality T-shirts
  48. Shelter raising money for dog viciously beaten in Jersey City; feral nigger charged with abuse
  49. Negro sentenced for stabbing mother’s dog 21 times, then shooting the animal
  50. Negro monkey, coalburner caged for jumping Toledo Zoo fence to play Pokemon
  51. Thieving negro charged with murder in death of Bellaire, TX officer
  52. Trump right that brain-damaged k*ke sup. ct. justice Ginsburg must resign
  53. Search Continues For 2 Feral Negros In West Village Attack Of 75-Year-Old Man
  54. Search over For 2 Feral Negros In West Village Attack Of 75-Year-Old Man - suspooks caught
  55. Little Rock Sonic employee (WF, 20) shot, in critical condition; 3 negros sought
  56. Teen negro jailed on aggravated sexual assault charge of 7 y/o
  57. South Side negro serial rapist sentenced to 70 years in prison
  58. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  59. Climate change hoax in the news
  60. Brooklyn Boiler-Room Rape: 60-Year-Old Woman Beaten, Sexually Assaulted by Negro
  61. NYC: City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito took flak from — her left on 'thug rights'
  62. Deranged White Woman Walks In Chicago’s South Side Neighborhood: I’m Sorry Black America
  63. Jiggaboo Jones tased, arrested after exposing himself outside county jail
  64. 16-year-old colored boy sought in Lorain, OH shooting death WM, 31
  65. Montco Man James Mugford III Arrested After Child Porn Found On Computer
  66. Jefferson Fires Employee Who Says She's 'Sick and Tired of All This Bull---- With the Black People'
  67. Temple’s Ousted (Chinese) Provost Hits Back Against Sexual Harassment Claims
  68. Dozens killed in Bastille Day attack
  69. Dozens killed in Bastille Day attack
  70. FBI Agents In Clinton Investigation Have All Been Gagged with A “Very, Very Unusual” NDA
  71. Hillary clinton forced fbi agents to sign unprecedented ‘secrecy document’
  72. Obola readies Jew S A for UN invasion w. latest moves, XOs--beware, suckers
  73. "AP Admits That UN Troops Will Impose Martial Law In US"
  74. Two negros arrested for fatal aggravated home robbery in Crossett, AR (F, 60 victim)
  75. Two negros arrested for fatal aggravated home robbery in Crossett, AR (WF, 60 victim)
  76. Colored Boy Robs, Tries to Rape 13-Year-Old in Her Apartment: NYPD
  77. Colored Boy Robs, Tries to Rape 13-Year-Old in Her Apartment: NYPD - Arrested
  78. Chicago Uber spic driver accused of sexually assaulting 23-year-old passenger
  79. 'Not At All About a Fence': Same-Sex Couple Targeted in Anti-Gay Vandalism Says Neighbors' Lawsuit
  80. Black teacher to black students: ‘Wake up, white people are ahead’
  81. WF, 26 shot to death by negro on Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville
  82. Erica Garner meets with Obama after town hall outburst
  83. Notorious (Hispanic) nail polish thief busted after trying to sell cop crack
  84. Coon caretakers shopped while autistic patient banged his head against wall 120 times: suit
  85. Negro couple charged in connection to young girl's death
  86. NYC: Inept teachers sent from city’s worst schools to new jobs
  87. Kids In Cali Public Schools First To Learn LGBT History; 4th graders will worship homo jew Milk
  88. Re: Nigga will steal yo stuff - Chicago Police Recover $1 Million Worth Of Stolen Equipment
  89. NYC: New city social studies curriculum focuses on tolerance
  90. Negro that robbed McNigger's, shot Marion, IN k9, found deff in the woods
  91. Negro Sentenced to Life for Child Sex Crime
  92. Federal Agents Take Down Illegal Gun Distribution Network In Philadelphia - Darien, Omar and Sekou
  93. Authorities: (Black) Philadelphia Man Charged With 89 Incidents Of Burglary
  94. Stop-and-frisk restrictions have NYPD cops afraid of being sued
  95. Teeniggers charged after allegedly robbing another student at knifepoint
  96. Negro charged with 2015 rape Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
  97. WF says she was targeted by negros after visiting Columbus, OH pawn shop
  98. Jiggaboo Jjmar accused of raping 2 women at knifepoint indicted by grand jury
  99. Registered sambo sex offenders assault 17-year-old girl
  100. Jig ventilated by concerned citizen