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  1. Black Sports: Eagles Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor Accused of Sexually Assaulting Dancer
  2. Eagles Wideout Nelson Agholor Won't Face Charges: Philadelphia DA
  3. Tiwan Tries to Smuggle $300,000 Worth of Cocaine Packed Into Chocolate Drink Cans Into Philly Airpor
  4. (Blonde female) Sports reporter’s racist insults get her thrown off air
  5. Cops arrest Hispanic man Ivan Nieves carrying knife on subway
  6. (Black) Armed robber checks weather before heist
  7. Woman says negro abducted, sexually assaulted her
  8. 52-year-old negro charged with child rape
  9. Champaign coon pleads in nursing home sex scheme dementia victims aged 88, 90 and 95
  10. Wigger clad in Bob Marley t-shirt and his negro charged with rape and sexual assault of two minors
  11. WM, 22 shot to death in Bessemer, AL by negro let out of cage just 11 months ago
  12. New Orleans negro booked with rape of 11-year-old girl
  13. Buck, mudshark charged after mixed girl, 2 climbs chain link fence, drowns in pool
  14. Jurors convict (black) man in 2015 fatal shooting at Kansas City water park
  15. Rosenberg, TX substitute teacher, Cowboy Bill gets lessoned by 2 colored, bean students
  16. Lincoln, NE zookeepers allow 2 raping spades to escape their cage
  17. Lincoln, NE zookeepers allow 2 raping spades to escape their cage - CAPTURED
  18. Orlando female, 37 dies after nigger jams broomstick down her mouth
  19. Negro monkey raped a disabled homeless person several times
  20. Female, 63 shot during robbery in Savannah, GA Mall parking lot by 4 colored boys
  21. Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed
  22. Here's simple facts on the Trump vs. spic judge controversy over Trump U.
  23. Telemundo Reporter Attacked On Live TV In Center City (by black female) Waheedah Wilson
  24. Franchi here notes leftists/"liberals" are systematically conducting war/violence against Trump & co
  25. Police: Mass Casualties After Kweer Klub Shooting; Shooter Is Dead
  26. Updates: Police: Mass Casualties After Kweer Klub Shooting; Shooter Is Dead
  27. Updates: Mass Casualties After Kweer Klub Shooting; Shooter Is Dead
  28. Updates: Mass Casualties After Kweer Klub Shooting; Gay Muslim Shooter Is Dead
  29. Police Find Heroin in Baby's Crib, (Black) Man, Woman Arrested: Officials
  30. Kike professor who donates sperm to sheboons in city bathrooms has sired 22 jewlattos
  31. Kike professor who donates sperm to sheboons in bathrooms has sired 22 jewlattos - black wife is MAD
  32. (Black) Women are fighting to get a piece of the (Jewish) Sperminator
  33. Lewinsky allegedly freaked out after Clinton’s affair with VP’s daughter
  34. (White female) Teacher racially and sexually abused by students wins $125k settlement
  35. (White female) Principal accused of forcing black teachers to work in former bathroom
  36. Orlando mass-shoot of queers is FALSE-FLAG--to judge by fakery and usual call for gun-control
  37. Book Review: "Lincoln: the Man," by Edgar Lee Masters
  38. Updates: State Dept. FINDS hitlery VIOLATED law on e-mails
  39. Houston police arrest big bootlipped negro in several sexual assaults
  40. Akron negro raped woman after birthday party, used her kids as shield
  41. Video: Coon couple ook Taco Bell employees threw hot grease on them in bizarre boon brawl
  42. Two new H. Millard essays
  43. Bend Over for Homo Immigration
  44. HOAX on suckers: Watch Orlando cop laughing, smiling, and yucking it up in back-ground (30 sec vid)
  45. Trump tells hitlery: "can't have it both ways"--pushing queers AND bringing Muzzies who kill 'em
  46. hitlery CAUGHT: Gross Fraud in Cal. primary, stolen fm ding-bat Bernie
  47. Updates: hitlery CAUGHT: Gross Fraud in Cal. primary, stolen fm ding-bat Bernie
  48. Is this pathetic or what?--7 yr old 1st grader CAUGHT--w. Bible verses--school calls cops, no kiddin
  49. 2 negros arrested, 1 sought shooting death Indianapolis WM liquor clerk, 70
  50. Negro sentenced 25 years shooting death WM homosexual Craigslist encounter
  51. Coalburner gets fatal dose lead poisoning then carcass gets scenic tour of Ohio in trunk for a day
  52. Brewton, AL WF found beaten to death in a car; a Jiggaboo Johnson charged
  53. Cat V chimpout captured on video at Chene Park Lil Wayne show
  54. (Black) Man charged with murder after (white girlfriend) beating victim dies of her injuries
  55. Orlando muzzie shooter (who was queer) LITERALLY worked for professional crisis-actors!
  56. Woman catches negro in bed with teenage daughter
  57. Cops: (Black) Woman’s Body Found Stabbed, Handcuffed In Fairmount Park
  58. (Black) Woman’s Body Found Stabbed, Handcuffed In Fairmount Park - 3 blacks arrested
  59. (Black) Woman’s Body Found Stabbed, Handcuffed In Park - preliminary hearing for 3 blacks
  60. 'Gibs Me All da Tubmans:' Wawa Robber Caught on Camera
  61. Indiana Homosexual Charged With Possessing Assault Weapon, Explosives LA Pride Parade
  62. (Black) 'Workers' in Bright Colors Burglarize Philadelphia Home
  63. Corruption Scandal Drives NYC Council To Suddenly Cut Off Spigot of Shekels To Simon Wiesenthal Ctr.
  64. Blake Leibel: Son of Canadian tycoon charged with torturing girlfriend to death - drained of blood
  65. Hispanic Stripper mom faces jail time for leaving kid to die in fire
  66. Serious gross conspiracy advocated by Jew York Times to overthrow 2nd Amendment by secret methods
  67. A trip through hell -- Black child abuse in Kansas City, Kansas - video by Colin Flaherty
  68. Canada: Hate Crimes Unit Investigates Community Paper
  69. WF, 52 walking on road in Norman, OK accepts ride from negro, strangled to death hours later
  70. Negro chimp who infected 5-year-old child with STD put in cage
  71. Sowpotamus deff after wedged in window of St. Petersburg nest
  72. NJ High School's ‘Too Gay’ Banner Sparks Controversy in Wake of Orlando Shooting
  73. (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  74. VIDEO: Possible Austin negro serial sexual predator spotted on camera
  75. Threats made to colleges, NYC gay bars since Orlando massacre
  76. Toledo negro charged with raping woman behind house
  77. CA crip negro fugitive arrested on murder of WV WM, 54, assault charges
  78. PS - 12 Yr. Old NJ Girl Found Murdered, 2 Souless Nigger Teens Jailed - (Family sued)
  79. PA Governor Orders Confederate Flag Removed From Capitol Display
  80. Montgomery negro police officer charged with sex assault of man while on duty
  81. Cops hunt (black) sunglasses thief who stole $20K worth of shades
  82. (Hispanic) Driver Christopher Cruz busted in fake undercover cop car
  83. Brutal black hulk arrested for 'sucker' punching much smaller White man outside Philly club
  84. Hispanic Ex-minor leaguer Leandro Caminero admits smuggling heroin into US thru Spanish interpreter
  85. Negro chimp arrested for indecent exposure at library
  86. Bronx Postal Worker Busted in Caribbean Drug Ring, Feds Say
  87. “I saw the blood all over my chest,” WF robbed, pistol whipped OKC Dollar General by colored boy
  88. White trash male, nigger sow charged with despicable crime of raping children, taking pictures of it
  89. Toronto Police have charged a Chinese doctor with sexual assault during a medical exam
  90. Black Man nets 60 years for 2012 attempted rape of jogger
  91. Police Find (Black) Man Shot To Death Inside Vehicle In Olney
  92. Philadelphia School District Approves New Guidelines For Transgender Students
  93. Police Look For (Black) Man Who Stole Computer From Philly Office Building
  94. Crazed Hispanic mom Iris Ana Gonzalez ditches child, jumps onto train tracks
  95. Pakistani Teen Hassan Razzaq accused of killing dad Mohammad Razzaq held without bail on new charge
  96. Democratic ‘tracker’ Yougourthen Ayouni fired for ‘stalking’ Republican candidate - 'peeping Tom'
  97. Libtarded British lawmaker was sent stream of hate mail before murder
  98. Negro Arrested for Indecent Exposure Gets Naked in Court
  99. 74-year-old tied up, robbed by down low negro he met online
  100. Spook known as 'Skittles', 2 other coons carjack woman, 68