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  1. Upd: Outrage in Japan: negro U.S. Marine veteran arrested for rape/murder of Japanese woman
  2. Outrage in Japan as negro U.S. Marine veteran arrested in connection with death of woman on Okinawa
  3. Negro helps woman with groceries, charged with rape
  4. (Black) Uber Driver Charged With Assaulting University of Delaware Student
  5. LA WM Police Officer In Shock That Negress Convicted Of Murdering His Brother Could Go Free
  6. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka May Be Unfit To Stand Trial
  7. Negro defecates in Lowe's display toilet, urinates on children's clothes
  8. NYPD cop stripped of gun and badge after reckless rampage caught on camera
  9. Update: NYPD Cop who pointed gun at civilians during arrest ID’d as Risel Maritnez
  10. (Black) Gangbangers busted after posing for pics in ‘stolen’ clothes
  11. Cops seize nearly 2,000 envelopes of heroin in massive bust - 3 Hispanics arrested
  12. Cops hunt for (black) thief who tied up woman before robbery heist
  13. Video: kwaps arrest vine swinging chimp who tried to jump from 2nd story to escape in Fitchburg, MA
  14. UK:Sainsbury's knife horror: Ethem Aydin Orhon, 66 charged of 4 women stabbed
  15. Wigger fatally shot 3-year-old colored stepson who was jumping on bed
  16. Colored boy calls Long Island WM teacher "a nigger" so they suspend the teacher
  17. Homeless woman thrown from bridge, instantly paralyzed gets raped by a negro for 3 days
  18. Interesting: this liberal k*ke commentator explains why he thinks FBI will seek hitlery's indictment
  19. The invasion of america - graphic world map - timeline
  20. Police: (Bearded black) Man Who Attempted To Run Down Officer In Chester County Sought
  21. A stocky Hispanic man and Salin Smalley Expose Themselves on Schuylkill River Trail: Police
  22. Tiger Woods told us his comeback is still on hold - three pathetic ceremonial tee shots into water
  23. Accused (black female) Thief Says The Stupidest Thing Possible To Arresting Officers
  24. Asian Man Critically Injured In Savage San Francisco Mob Beating by 6 Asian teenage boys and girls
  25. Fambly sues after stupid niglet runs into brick wall at school playground
  26. Old Orangutan Drops Dead in Chicago
  27. Feds bust French ‘psychics’ Maria Duval and Patrick Guerin in international mail fraud scheme
  28. Negro raping girl over five-year period that started at age 9
  29. Feral Negress Sows Beat up Miami Lakes Victoria's Secret Worker
  30. Negro suspected of intentionally setting 2 on fire at South LA homeless encampment
  31. Negro felon pimped out UNT freshman after moving into her dorm room
  32. Auburn, MA WM Police Officer Shot, Killed; Roach On The Loose
  33. Update: Auburn, MA WM Police Officer Shot, Killed; Roach Dead Following Standoff; Trooper Injured
  34. 3 (black men) sought in attack on transgender "woman"
  35. Accident or attack? Black girl, 12, injured by rope around her neck on school trip
  36. Hershey Park: Guests Can Use Bathrooms According To Gender Identity
  37. (Hispanic) South Jersey Officer Admits Using His Job To Sexually Assault Teen
  38. 2 colored boys looking for someone walking alone to rob shoot Charleston, SC WM, 43 to death
  39. 1 negro arrested after fatal police-involved shooting in Hallandale Beach
  40. Hispanic Principal tried to push (White female) out teaching job by calling me ‘Shrek’
  41. Halal vendor accused of dumping waste in street
  42. Detroit: Arson Capitol of the World
  43. Homos w/ hurt feelings: LGBT singing group calls Padres anthem snub ‘nightmare’
  44. Cause of deff for Kwasiada found in nest wuz strangulation den Jerome hung himself from a tree
  45. Video: WF 2nd-grader attacked on PIT school bus by feral colored kids
  46. Bill Cosby due in court in sexual assault case
  47. (Black) Man Accused of Exposing Himself on Schuylkill Trail Has History of Lewdness, Exposure
  48. Top General Admitting That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS!
  49. Black Baltimore: Freddie Gray verdict: (White) Officer Edward Nero not guilty
  50. Hershey School Houseparent Faces Sexual Assault of Student Charges
  51. Caught on Camera: Black Park Attacks (White) Jim's Steaks Customer on South Street
  52. ‘Sex-obsessed’ teacher won’t leave co-workers alone: she's back in school
  53. Kobe the colored boy charged with raping girl
  54. Baltimore Special Ed. Negroid Teacher Charged With Human Trafficking, Prostitution
  55. Negro charged in woman's rape on Metro train
  56. Negro charged in woman's rape on Metro train - previously exposed & masterbated on train
  57. Negro asks for directions, rapes woman
  58. (Chinese) Woman Arrested For Shooting Death Of Ex-Husband
  59. (Chinese) Woman Gets 7 ½ to 20 Years in Death of Ex-Husband
  60. BF slain in downtown St. Louis carjacking; baby girl thrown out of car by 2 negros
  61. Black suspect in fatal downtown carjacking is shot and killed by police in Metro East
  62. Negro accused of exposing himself in Westport could face additional charges
  63. Alabama murder spook, hims brudah, Jiggaboo Johnson accused of raping the same girl
  64. Prattville, AL WM, 56 shot to death targeted rob by a Jiggaboo Jones, 2 colored boys
  65. Yellow slanted slit grows weary of mulatto, charged in murder along with her new 100% negro buck
  66. Upd: (Black African migrant) Bay Area murder suspect's (white) wife says she fears him, is in hiding
  67. Yellow slanted slit grows weary of mulatto, charged in murder with her new negro buck - out on bail
  68. UK White pig (w/ W Son, 4) dumps bf for bbc matters pen pal on Nevada deff row
  69. Bronx Muzzie Arrested On Terror Charges, Feds Say
  70. Negro Accused Of Beating, Raping Tavernier Woman
  71. CHI Coon, Leroy Charged With Hate Crime In Stabbing of WM On West Loop Bridge
  72. NJ School District Passes New Transgender Student Policy
  73. Black jail imam says discrimination, not razors in his bag, got him fired
  74. 13-year-old testifies she was kidnapped, drugged and sexually assaulted by negro and sow
  75. Appeals court throws out $5M excessive force verdict - mentally ill Davila had punched one cop...
  76. New Orleans negro accused of raping 2nd preteen relative, starting when she was 10
  77. Forbidden Alliance: US Won't Let Russia, Turkey, Iran Unite Against Daesh
  78. Cosby Will Go To Trial For Alleged Sex-Assault Charges
  79. Zipperhead couple enslaved ‘adopted’ kids, stole $100K from biological parents: DA
  80. (Israeli) Illegal Immigrant Featured In TIME “We Are Americans” Story Convicted Of Child Porn
  81. WM (w/ BF wife of several months) Shot, Killed During Custody Exchange by Former Negro Buck
  82. Last of 3 black suspects in the 2009 Five Points gang rape is sentenced to 23 years
  83. 40X + arrested negress sow gets probation dragging Lakeport, TX WM cop
  84. Missing Hobe Sound, FL coalburner: News ‘beyond heart-breaking,’ family says
  85. Chainsaw-dismembered remains (of white female) found in acid-filled barrel - black husband confessed
  86. Missing Hobe Sound, FL coalburner: News ‘beyond heart-breaking,’ family says
  87. Ex-NegroBaller playa Kermit Washington arrested, for charity fraud needy African chilluns, famblys
  88. WM attacked by a feral negro w/ machete Greece, NY gas station
  89. UK: Negro thugs sprayed white teenage boys w/ acid leaving 1 'blinded in one eye', 4 injured
  90. Fayetteville negro surrenders to police in February rape
  91. Woman sexually assaulted and kids bound and gagged inside Va. home by 2 negros
  92. State Dept. FINDS hitlery VIOLATED law on e-mails
  93. Updates: State Dept. FINDS hitlery VIOLATED law on e-mails
  94. (Black) Man Arrested In Connection With Fatal Northeast Phila. Hit-Run
  95. Retrial for Spic in custody for a 1979 murder case of a 5 year old boy
  96. Cops hunt for swastika-loving vandal who can’t spell
  97. Updates: NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  98. Man gets screwed by Chinese take-out
  99. Coonviction of 17-year-old colored boy upheld in murder of Brockton, MA WM cabbie, 56
  100. Jamaican-born woman Chevelle Nesbeth gets off easy for smuggling $45K of cocaine