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  1. Delaware County Man Jon Hurst Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography
  2. Caught On Camera: Suspic Strikes Employee With Baseball Bat During 7-Eleven Robbery
  3. Brother defends sister during attempted negroid sexual assault
  4. (Black) NYPD chief accused of muh dikking ‘pregnant, married’ underlings
  5. (Black) NYPD chief accused of muh dikking ‘pregnant, married’ underlings - victim refuses to help
  6. Black female ex-cop sues NYPD after affair with black alleged sex-fiend chief
  7. 16-Year-Old Colored Boy Charged In Coney Island Blaze That Critically Hurt 2 Cops - GUILTY
  8. Violent (black) criminal escapes from court by giving fake name to guard
  9. Family held hostage by escaped BLACK convict wants to sue the city
  10. State Dept. Won’t Reveal Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Until Month After Election
  11. History: story of US (Hoover) aiding communist scum to mass-murder Christians in Mexico
  12. Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department
  13. Here's commentary by 9/11 widow on the 28 missing pages of 9/11 report
  14. WM, 86 dead when intoxicated negro crashes into his Waterloo, IA home
  15. YT shoppers 'randomly attacked' by Liberian afrocoonus erectus at Shopping Centre in Adelaide
  16. Court Documents Allege Boy Told Coach Paterno Sandusky Molested Him Decades Ago
  17. Up to 6 Penn State Coaches Saw 'Inappropriate Behavior' by Jerry Sandusky
  18. 24-plus years for negro who enslaved women in New Orleans prostitution ring
  19. (Hispanic) Man Shot Dead Outside Funeral Home During Service
  20. Road Rage Leads to Shooting on Blue Route - black will get up to 6 years
  21. Mammy ooks DNS sprog's headstone removed over $65 bill
  22. Sicko (black female) nurse tied up my (black) mom like a mummy
  23. Schneiderman investigating (black female) aide who ‘mummified’ patient
  24. Woman fights off (Hispanic) attempted rapist
  25. Negro arrest made in fatal Hamilton, OH shooting of WM,
  26. Milwaukee cop shot, gungroid Jiggaboo Johnson made a very good negro in shoot-out
  27. 3 People Shot at Mall in Bethesda by 'mud person' Eulalio Tordil
  28. 1 Reason Not To Go Online If You Live In US
  29. Hacker Speaks: 'Hillary's Server Was Like An Open Orchid'
  30. Congolese Minister fired for masturbating in office
  31. 'Santeria' Shrine Found in Jail Cell of (Hispanic) Fla. Man Accused of Killing Family
  32. False Asbestos Lawsuits Land (Fillipino) Former New Jersey Lawyer Tonagbanu in Prison
  33. Black politician former state Sen. John Sampson has asked a federal judge to go easy on him
  34. Trump vs. hitlery: satanic globalism vs. more honest stupidity
  35. Dallas: 3 spics dead in separate cases
  36. Coonvicted Sambo Sex Offender Accused of Kidnapping 2 Women in Pasadena While Wearing Ankle Monitor
  37. Search Continues For Afrocoonus Who Tried To Lure 3 Girls In The Bronx
  38. "Knockout game" cowardly feral black youths savagely attack - a 60-Year-Old Man Knocked Out
  39. White Volunteers Scammed by Negro Pageant Organizer Dat Dun Pocketed De Cash
  40. Safety Alert: Police Ask For Help To ID Dade Negro Sexual Assailant, Elderly Victim Speaks Out
  41. Gang of four shoplifting thieves were going to ship booty to Dominican Republic
  42. Gwinnett WM officer gets 10 staples in head, possible concussion after negro beating
  43. Rev. Jackscoon ooks knee grow Chicago State (11 percent grad rate) lays off third of its staff
  44. (Black) Ex-con charged with manslaughter after killing his ont
  45. Sheldon Silver will struggle to pay first installment of fine
  46. (Chinese) Ex-principal suspended for ‘padding paycheck’ sues DOE
  47. Yes, that’s David Beckham wearing a yarmulke - Feb 24, 2010
  48. Simi Valley Police Name Negro Of Interest In Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault Of Elderly Woman
  49. Negro sought after NC white mom and daughter related to coalburner shot to death
  50. Update: Negro sought after NC white mom and daughter related to coalburner shot to death
  51. Two (Black) Men Charged In Police-Involved Shooting In Southwest Philadelphia
  52. (Hispanic) Camden Man Admits Fatally Shooting 2 Men During Home Burglary
  53. Bibb, GA WM deputy, 29 killed in crash while pursuing negro monkey
  54. 1 of 2 spooks armed with AR-15 made a very good negro by Pinellas deputy
  55. Negroid feetsball coach offered $70 to boy 15, for photo of his genitals
  56. Bill Cosby Could Face Accuser in Court This Month
  57. Negro sentenced on 3 counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  58. Transvestite High School Student Says She Was Thrown Out of Prom for Wearing Suit instead of dress
  59. WM Downtown Mpls. assault victim's by several negros call for action
  60. Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy
  61. NYC: "Comrade" Mayor De Blasio - in the news
  62. Homeless (black) man busted for stealing Mother’s Day card
  63. NYC: Authorities break up Chinatown buses cigarette-smuggling ring
  64. NYC: Teacher who allegedly raped student landed job at DOE - after fired from Catholic school
  65. Re: New York Fire Department lowers standards to recruit niggers
  66. Me In A Nutshell - by Chuck Baldwin
  67. Miami monkey, Dwyane Wade angers some by shooting basketballs during Canadian national anthem
  68. Wite wimman passenger deff when buck crosses center line head-on crash, buck den runs on hims feets
  69. Negro Youfs Pummel Woman in Attempted Robbery: NYPD
  70. Melbourne: Groidle of afrocoon youfs wield sticks, tree branches, chuck rocks at homeowners
  71. (Black) Serial Rapist Who Preyed On Teenage Girls Sentenced Up to 196 Years in Prison
  72. Hispanic Man Calls 9-1-1, Tells Dispatchers He Raped & Strangled His Girlfriend, Flees
  73. Hispanic Man Calls 9-1-1, Tells Dispatchers He Strangled His Girlfriend, Flees
  74. (Black) High school friend named as suspect in cold case - may be serial killer
  75. Update: Cops are closing in on (black migrant) killer in one of city’s most infamous cold cases
  76. Spic accused of murder in shooting of (white) ex-girlfriend's new negro boyfriend
  77. Rev. Corey Megill Brown charged wif stealing a quarter million dollas from historic Savannah church
  78. (Black) Phila. Streets Commissioner Arrested, Charged With Simple Assault
  79. (Black) Serial Rapist Attacked 4 Girls In Germantown - gets 196 years
  80. Niglet accused of setting Yeshiva school bus on fire charged with hate crime
  81. Niglet accused of setting Yeshiva school bus on fire charged with hate crime - hate charge dropped
  82. (Black) Bahamian native Celeb hacker admits to identity theft, stealing unreleased scripts
  83. Jewnited Kikedom: Man who posted video of dog doing Nazi salute arrested
  84. Hoke County sambo sex offender, Jiggaboo Jones charged with rape, kidnapping in weekend incident
  85. Negress charged with felony murder in crash of Israel/Houston yid diamond dealer
  86. 2 negro arrests made in alleged sexual assaults of 2 Kennesaw State students
  87. ICE agent in NY kills himself, but before doing, writes detailed note warning what ZOG is planning
  88. Former State Dept. IT staffer’s emails found wiped clean from Hillary’s server, missing
  89. Coming to Jew S A--ready?--Chink "police" in Italy to guard chink tourists against "immigrant gangs"
  90. FOIA doc.s fm FBI CONFIRM heavy surveillance of William Cooper before his assassination
  91. President putin claims queen elizabeth “is not human”
  92. White woman, son beat up after freeing dog from hot car in Clay, FL by feral negro monkey, sow
  93. Nigga will steal yo stuff - Delivery driver steals Mother’s Day gift
  94. Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! NOPD says DNA links arrested man to 2013 knifepoint rape
  95. (Pro-fag) Philly Mayor Jim Kenney Extends Travel Ban Over Anti-LGBT Legislation to Alabama Town
  96. Police: Feral Negro Punches 74-Year-Old Woman Inside Queens Subway Station
  97. Obama to Name Stonewall 1st National Monument for Gay Rights
  98. Lawmakers to Decide if Homosexuality Is Grounds for Divorce in Delaware
  99. Negress Sow Kicks, Punches Man In Face On Subway In Queens After He Asks Her To Move Feet Off Seat
  100. Baltimore Police Arrest 6 Negro Youfs For ‘Bump and Run’ Auto Thefts