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  1. Atlantic City Man Victoriano Sevilla Sentenced For Luring, Sexually Assaulting Young Girl
  2. Wite wimman arrested for wiping evidence was "friend" of negro victim
  3. Undercover cops arrest two (blacks) in the Bronx
  4. The peculiar Hispanic predilection for child molestation
  5. Book Review: Tanner's "Retreat to Victory? Confederate Strategy Reconsidered"
  6. Negro arrest made in St. Petersburg shooting death of (white-skinned) man, 41 near hospital
  7. Muh Dikking Coon Coach Takes a Dirt Nap 1 Week After Being Put In a Cage
  8. Buck negro, 43 and mudshark, 21 arrested for pair of armed robberies in Myrtle Beach
  9. Singapore man sues local Chinese friend Albert Chin for stealing $3M car collection
  10. Hillary’s ‘off the reservation’ remark angers Native Americans
  11. Update: Here’s a breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  12. Prince lyrics cost WM Nashville sports anchor job
  13. Fayetteville PD make negro arrest in murder of 72-year-old WM found dead at car dealership
  14. Delaware State Police Search For (Black) Sex Offenders Who Failed To Re-Register
  15. Texas police chief takes down Hispanic Midtown thief Roman Mercado
  16. Man 84, says (Hispanic, Latina) helper Ilsa Alejandra Hernandez swindled him out of $400K
  17. New Nation Swastika Sightings - April 2016
  18. 2 US Missionaries Found Slain in Rural Jamaica: Police
  19. 2 WM US Missionaries Found Slain in Rural Jamaica: Andre Thomas charged - 2nd suspect at large
  20. (Hispanic) New Jersey Man Jose Rodriguez Throws Molotov Cocktail at Police Car -wanted to go to jail
  21. Disgraced (jewish) Democrat Sheldon Silver - gets 12 years - more headlines
  22. New York City still paying millions to firm linked to kickback scheme
  23. Negros forced teenage runaway into prostitution
  24. Dallas Negro Arrested, Accused Of Attempted Kidnapping, Sexual Assault of Niglet
  25. Woman Alleges Getty Foundation Internship Only Open To Non-White Applicants
  26. WM Student fatally shot inside fraternity house near campus in Newark; 1 arrest, 1 negro at large
  27. Update: WM Student fatally shot inside fraternity house on MLK Blvd - Negroes plead 'not guilty'
  28. WM Student fatally shot inside fraternity house near campus in Newark; 2 negroes indicted
  29. Female Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students - Rose Marie LiMuli
  30. Police: Aztec Invader Broke Into Store So He Could See Jailed Brother
  31. Three British tourists beaten unconscious in savage gang attack in Thailand
  32. (Black African-American) Point Breeze Man Charged With Murder in SUV Shooting
  33. ConEd fired me after finding lesbian art on my Instagram account
  34. Updates: NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  35. Updates: NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  36. Amazing vid (7 mins): Lying Ted called a liar--proceeds then to tell a string of lies--pathological
  37. Amazing vid (7 mins): Lying Ted called a liar--proceeds then to tell a string of lies--pathological
  38. Amazing vid (7 mins): Lying Ted called a liar--proceeds then to tell a string of lies--pathological
  39. Hersch affirms: it was hitlery who approved sending sarin gas to Syrian terrorists
  40. Cincinnati police have negro suspect in fatal shooting of WM, 25
  41. Jew created two-cent nigger monkey, 50 Cent berates disabled CVG WM worker in expletive-laced video
  42. WM, 35 Good Samaritan trying to stop negro gungroid shot dead at Arlington, TX Walgreens
  43. Murder charges filed against 1 of 2 negros shooting death Salem, OR WM, 28
  44. Court affirms conviction, sentence of BLACK death row inmate in deaths of 3 WHITE officers
  45. Wigger stepson, his negro arrested in Burlington, CO White mom's murder
  46. Columbia University graduate who was accused of raping “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz - sues
  47. Lawmaker doesn’t want minorities in rich nabe’s public school: suit
  48. Indicted Waldorf wedding gunman hit with new lawsuit - being sued by an injured wedding guest
  49. Mixed Infant Dies After Being Ejected from Porsche That Fell 200 Feet Off Road Near Palm Desert
  50. Mixed Infant Dies After Being Ejected from Porsche That Fell 200 Feet Off Road Near Palm Desert
  51. (white) Mom of (mixed-race) infant killed in crash last year charged with murder, child endangerment
  52. Mammy shows up welfare interview wif niglet wearing day-old urine-soaked diaper, More!
  53. Negro offended by rap video dispatches the ooking monkey to great waddymelon patch in da sky
  54. Juden rabbi, former New Haven police commissioner accused of homo child rape
  55. Ramming state patrol cruiser nets career apeffender Corderius Trammell 15 years inna federal pen
  56. White Advocates Emerge From Obscurity After Old Niggy Kikes Promote “Miscegenation”
  57. Undocumented wetback with sex assault convictions arrested in Utah
  58. Savannah sambo is now spook in four sexual assaults
  59. Dynamic Dance instructor, Jiggaboo Jenkums, accused of sexually assaulting two 14-year-olds
  60. Negro Jailed After Forcing Young Boy to Oral Hims In Park Restroom
  61. NC police bombarded with calls after ex-volunteer silverback sambo coach arrested for m/f sex crimes
  62. (LGBT-Queer) (Black) Fayetteville coach now faces 65 charges in sex crimes on boys and girls
  63. Black Fayetteville coach faces 105 additional child-sex charges after 8th victim comes forward
  64. Philadelphia Police, FBI Seek (Black) Suspect For Alleged Bank Robbery
  65. Girl, 5, Assaulted At St. Paul Bus Stop by Big Older Colored Boy
  66. Caught on Cam: (Black) Men Attack School Officers Outside Northeast Philly High School: Police
  67. Philadelphia Police Seek Three Black Men For The Assault Of Two School Officers
  68. Third (black) Suspect In Custody After Assault Of Two School Officers
  69. Delaware School May Drop Controversial Native American Mascot
  70. May 3rd Primary voting in Indiana: Trump has large lead over Lying Ted, over 50% so far
  71. Proud Race Traitors in Hollywood - Eddie Murphy welcomes ninth (mixed) child
  72. Advertising exec made AIDS joke to HIV-positive worker: suit
  73. Cruz suspends campaign after crushing by Trump
  74. DOJ Acknowledges Hillary Email Investigation Is a 'Law Enforcement Matter'
  75. 'Suspicious Black People in White Neighborhoods' Email Leads to New Jersey Police Chief Suspension
  76. Dead Black Bodies Found in Unlicensed Black Funeral Home: Police
  77. Bodies Found in Unlicensed Funeral Home: Black female director gets prison
  78. Milwaukee WF “Woke up to a negro standing over my bed”
  79. Sex Assault Charges Added After Semen Found in Diaper for Minneapolis Negro That Tenderized Toddler
  80. Marcus arrested for rape in U of Memphis student housing den stole underware
  81. Memphis negro (wif muh dik addiction) arrested for raping wife’s friend
  82. Black teen nicknamed ‘Chewbacca’ stabbed on Star Wars Day
  83. Chimpout at Popeye's: “Bitch, gibs muh sum mo' of dat hot sauce”
  84. Chattanooga negro erectus starved and dehydrated his dog to death ooked "it wuz struck by lightning"
  85. STL police searching for attempted rape spook
  86. Portland man (high yellow?) named Avril Lavigne arrested not registering as a sex offender
  87. Paris Hilton and Khloe Kardashian cuddling baby orangutans
  88. (Pro-Sodomite) DOJ: North Carolina’s bathroom bill violates civil rights laws
  89. North Carolina Lawmakers Leave LGBT Law Largely Intact
  90. Crazed black cyclist beats driver with bike lock after traffic dispute: cops
  91. After 10 Years Al Gore’s Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate
  92. Updates: Global warming is not happening
  93. CAUGHT: Hitlery trying to destroy evidence, obstruct justice--paid to have hard-drives destroyed
  94. 'Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie star in couples STD, HIV ad, 'everything positive'
  95. Black Chicago Alderman Defends Use of Slur in Criticizing Black Principal's Ouster
  96. Ho ho ho--hitlery says press must "get tough" on Trump now, seriously, 1 1/2 min vid
  97. Judicial Watch President Updates Clinton Email Case
  98. Ho ho ho--doubt UK is slave to k*kes?--50 MPs suspended for "anti-semitism" (criticism of Israel)
  99. History: Bio of Sen. Henry Clay, hero and model of Lincoln, champion of early USA welfare state
  100. Black serial rapist Cosby Tries Again To Delay Criminal Case, Get Sexual Assault Charges Tossed