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  1. Book Review: "Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln's War"
  2. Portland negro mandingo arrested in sexually assaulting women he met online
  3. Nationalists Strong, Setback for Merkel Party in German Vote
  4. Violence spikes at city’s Renewal schools
  5. Black Teen Who Stole Car With Infant Inside In West Philly Turns Himself In
  6. Pennsylvania Teen Ryzel Barrett Kills Fellow Teen, Shoots Dad & Turns Gun on Self: Police
  7. (Black) ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Actor Involved in Caught-on-Cam Fight Outside Philly Restaurant: Report
  8. Hampton, VA victim, 71, shot, killed Jafari in attempted robbery; second youf charged
  9. Clairton, PA 16-Year-Old Colored Boy Charged With Rape
  10. Police: Man Killed Inside Car In North Philadelphia - by black male
  11. Scared S hitless: Fla. Man Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo Caught Speeding, Poops in Patrol Car
  12. (Black) Bronx gunman fires wildly into crowd in terrifying video
  13. (Black) Suspect arrested in murder of ex-Future bodyguard
  14. Seriously: ZOG and Republican establishment are plainly working to assassinate Trump
  15. GRAPHIC: Oklahoma City negro masseur charged with rape, sexual battery
  16. CHI PD investigates use of racial slur on police radio channel
  17. Neo-Nazi Brother to Get New Sentence in Parents' 1995 Killings
  18. Re: Hark!--criminal charges on hitlery beckon, imminent, ho ho ho ho--evidence overwhelming
  19. Negro sex offender, aged 44, arrested in Goodyear, AZ after found in car with girl, 13
  20. Janitor Manmohan “Manny” Ramjattan accused of fondling two girls in synagogue basement
  21. Macon woman assaulted by negress sow over Baconator fries
  22. (White) Macon woman assaulted by negress sow over Baconator fries
  23. Two monkey looking negros arrested after teen sexually assaulted at weekend party
  24. Two monkey looking negros arrested after teen sexually assaulted at weekend party
  25. Negro Uber Driver Accused Of Aggravated Rape Of Female Customer
  26. Broward negro bailiff arrested for attempted murder, sexual battery
  27. Man shot in head during Lakewood, NJ home invasion; 1 negro charged, 2 sought
  28. Negro monkey charged in stabbing of Canadian soldiers ooked “Allah told me to do this”
  29. Re: Breaking: T. Cruz is NOT NOT NOT NOT "natural born" citizen of USA: here's defintive time-line
  30. 16-year-old mudshark beaten to death by her 34-year-old negro lover
  31. Woman Fights Off (short black man with dirty sneakers) Attacker at Pennypack Park
  32. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  33. Negro murders his uncle; wite wimman helps him bury body
  34. Dead Negro Storage Who Shot 3 CHI Cops Had 7 Convictions, 43 Total Arrests
  35. Negro ooks to sex with dogs, choking and multi stabbing afterwards
  36. Negro, 2 Wite Wimmanz Arrested In Human Trafficking Investigation
  37. Negro w/ history of exposing himself to women exposes black snake to students
  38. Teen Negro Accused of Beating, Raping and Torturing Hesperia Woman for Hours in Her Own Home
  39. Police Search For A Pair Of Armed (blacks) (with White masks) Robbery Suspects
  40. Ex-Spartans Star Now Just A Garden Variety Negro Charged With Sex Assault
  41. Paterson, NJ negro pleads not guilty to shooting death of 33-year-old WM
  42. 'Trump' Sign Goes Up In Flames in Egg Harbor Township
  43. Workers at 3 US airports had possible ties to terrorism
  44. (Oriental) Tiger mom Lin Li accused of drowning 2-year-old daughter in bathtub
  45. Tiger mom accused of drowning 2-year-old daughter in bathtub
  46. ‘Feline-loving’ cop accused of slapping (Hispanic) alleged ‘cat-kicker’ Elvis Gomez
  47. (Oriental) Ex-lover Mindy Yang accused of stealing boutique owner’s social media domains
  48. Obama nominates Jewish judge to court, comprised entirely of Jews and Catholics
  49. Sow sex offender, Cherrelle arrested after moving in wif boy dat made a her monkey maker
  50. Cats were likely burned alive, two cent nigger arrested
  51. NYC: Boy brings loaded gun to school after confrontation with classmate
  52. FBI raids Orthodox Jewish schools’ vendors in corruption probe
  53. (Hispanic) Limo driver in winery crash that killed 4 (White women) to face criminal charges
  54. Charges dropped for limo driver, Carlos Pino, in deadly winery crash
  55. Obama’s Supreme Court Pick Would Be a High-water Mark for Jews on the Court
  56. Feds Scrutinize New Jersey Town's Denial to Build Mosque
  57. Irish and Scots may have been first to settle Iceland, researcher finds - May 25, 2015
  58. Family of (black) Bronx man (allegedly) cut up with saw, Tasered by NYPD officers - sues the city
  59. NYPD finds $2M worth of fake electronics in storage unit - ringleader, 27-year-old Minjian Hu
  60. Imported Koonyan driver in crash that killed WM Trooper on Mass Pike facing criminal charges
  61. Imported Koonyan driver in crash that killed WM Trooper on Mass Pike facing criminal charges
  62. Spook Robbed NYC Fried Chicken Restaurant
  63. Negro mandingo that raped 3 hos in SEA began muh dikking career as an aged 11 colored boy
  64. Negro monkey arrested for exposing himself on VCU campus
  65. (Hispanic) Dad Julio Velazquez kills MetroCard scammer who ripped off his kid: cops
  66. Cops arrest Hispanic dad for killing MetroCard scammer
  67. NYC: Principal Howard Kwait who cost city $500K in settlements now accused of fixing grades
  68. Police ID (homeless deranged black) suspect in stabbing attack on SEPTA bus in Delaware County
  69. Phila. DA Charges (black) Man In 2014 Triple Homicide
  70. Juan Reyes from the Dominican Republic Faces Charges for Cockfighting: Claims Birds Are 'Pets'
  71. Arraignment in $10M Black Market Cigarette Scheme - by Jordanian migrants
  72. Drug kingpin’s (black) wife flips apartment for a 171,900% profit
  73. Irish (sexual pervert) LGBT community joins St. Patrick’s Day parade for first time
  74. New Jersey State Police Superintendent Wants Convicted Cop Killer Back In U.S.
  75. Mudshark dead chest compression, ligature strangulation; Buck Titus den deff antifreeze poisoning
  76. Negro convicted giving toddler niece HIV, herpes, chlamydia; impregnated 14-year-old
  77. Police Search for (Hispanic) Teen Father After He Swipes 3-Year-Old Daughter From Home
  78. Delaware Teacher Tries to Set Up Teen Sex Online: Police
  79. Delaware Teacher Tries to Set Up Teen Sex Online: Police
  80. Delaware Teacher Joshua Rutherford Tries to Set Up Teen Sex Online: Police
  81. Negro Federal Judge Resigns Same Day WF Accuses Him of 1981 Rape Her When She Was 16
  82. Suspect in Paris attacks wounded, captured in Brussels shootout
  83. Routine traffic stop uncovers an arsenal of weapons (Negro-named suspects)
  84. (Black) Man who dodged murder rap as teen gets life sentence for different slay
  85. Allergy to primates results in (hate) charges agin (Hispanic) A.Benavidez
  86. Five Years To The Day, DA Office Arrests (black) In Montco Teen Murder
  87. Chinese Grandmother pistol-whipped in terrifying Queens home invasion by Chinese thugs
  88. Drunken Mex/Migrants Hit and Run - Juan Crespo
  89. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge Kevin Dougherty Assaulted by schizo colered half-breed homeless
  90. Students freak out after teacher shows video of ISIS beheading
  91. NYC: Students are bringing more deadly weapons to city schools
  92. Beanager showing off gun accidentally shoots and kills friend: cops
  93. MTA may want compensation after (black) serial transit thief scores movie deal
  94. San Anselmo, CA negro gets 45-year prison term for rape of teen relative at party
  95. Greenville, SC WM police officer killed; colored boy Deontea later killed himself
  96. Illegal Guatemalan wetbacks held in vicious Framingham, MA rape
  97. Bystander (WM in 30s) 'gravely injured' when negro Jakell shot at girlfriend
  98. Bystander (WM in 30s) 'gravely injured' when negro Jakell shot at girlfriend
  99. Bystander (WM in 30s) 'gravely injured' when negro Jakell shot at girlfriend - dies a month later
  100. U.S. Marshal’s say negro’s crime (raped teen w/ another nigga) is “disgusting”