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  1. Knife-wielding (Negro) lunatic arrested after menacing subway riders
  2. Co-worker Eric Ortiz stabs cellphone store employee to death: cops
  3. Wheelchair-Bound Negro Charged With Killing CHI WM, 45 Neighbor Working Out At Luxury Gym
  4. Negro Arrested In Connection With Sexual Assault Of 2 Women
  5. Sacramento City College Sambo Stoodint Accused Of Recording Men In Bathroom
  6. Sheboon raped younger buck male relative
  7. Negro, wigger arrested in Middletown, RI hotel homicide, Mount Pleasant, SC WM, 51 submerged bathtub
  8. Coon Crack Dealer Freed Early Under Obama Plan Cleans Out a Nest (Ex, 2 Kids)
  9. Re: Bobbi Kristina Brown (sprog of rockfish Whitney Houston) Found Unresponsive in Tub
  10. Detroit Police release coonposite sketch in search of rapist who targeted woman waiting in car
  11. Shoppers React To String Of Center City Robberies - by packs of blacks
  12. DA: 3 Charged Following “No Gay Thursday” Hazing At Chester County High School
  13. DA: 3 Charged Following “No Gay Thursday” Hazing At Chester County High School - Coach resigns
  14. Negro taxi driver accused of raping customer in cab
  15. Negro charged in birfday party rape
  16. Judge rules state within rights to ban ‘offensive’ lunch cart - “Wandering Dago”
  17. ‘Hubby from hell’ Xin Wang -bigamist thief who forced me to get an abortion
  18. Kweer Kwouncilfag weeps as St. Patrick’s Day Parade officially welcomes gays
  19. All charges dropped against (black) teens accused in ‘gang rape’
  20. Transgendered man fatally stabbed his lover: police
  21. Negro arrested for 2013 child sex assault, home invasion
  22. 3 Ebonic Names Do an Applebee’s Dine and Dash; 1 Deff Running on Hims Feets From Kwaps
  23. DNA hit leads to arrest of 16-year-old colored boy in Charles Co, MD home invasion, sexual assault
  24. Chattanooga men seeking sex but getting robbed by dreaded negro & mudshark
  25. How porn stars blackmail a ton of married NBA players
  26. WHO gave order to attack, kill the women, children at Waco?--hitlery; females can be psychos too
  27. Negro convicted 2014 shooting death Roseville, CA WM, 45 over bicycle
  28. Uncaged negro monkey that raped 11 y/o, follows woman onto subway at Union Square, performs lewd act
  29. Nigger sow holds knife to 7-year-old white boy’s throat during mom's purse rob
  30. Senior Citizen (WM, 94) Speaks Out After Thieving Negro Pick Pocket Robbery
  31. Negro sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl
  32. Rapper Bankroll Fresh shot to lead poisoned to deff outside Atlanta recording studio
  33. Acceptance rate of black and Latino students at magnet schools drops
  34. Pro-charter group says DOE protects identities of abusive teachers
  35. (Hispanic female) Home health aide accused of stealing $260K from 98-year-old client
  36. Get a clue; they're serious about killing u, stupid!--"celebrity" says old folks need be offed
  37. Negro arrested, raped teen fambly member every weekend den ooks dindu nuffins
  38. (Black) Man Steals Youth Donation Box From Delaware 7-Eleven: Police
  39. Judge Nap explains "immunity" for witness on hitlery's e-mails--grand jury & indictment for someone
  40. Judge Nap explains "immunity" for witness on hitlery's e-mails--grand jury & indictment for someone
  41. Judge Nap explains "immunity" for witness on hitlery's e-mails--grand jury & indictment for someone
  42. DNA match leads to charges in 2 sexual assaults (by nigga)
  43. Negros sought after female teen tree hugger is smacked with gun in El Segundo, CA
  44. 4-year-old contracts chlamydia from negro monkey sexual abuse
  45. Warren Harding A Globalist's worst nightmare*
  46. Black Sports: Former Philadelphia Eagle Earl Wolff Kidnapped While Visiting North Carolina
  47. Online Meeting Leads to Armed Robbery Inside South Philly Home - black woman with pink braids
  48. New York is a ‘sanctuary city’ that refuses to deport criminals
  49. Jammed gun foils (black) suspect’s attempt to shoot woman
  50. Pols want to make citizenship irrelevant — showing disrespect for the American dream
  51. NYC: Teachers say high school covered up students’ absences
  52. Family sues Caribbean resort over daughter’s attempted rape
  53. Santa Rosa negro booked for alleged sexual assault of children
  54. Coon shoots Philadelphia eatery (Church’s Chicken) employee in ‘table cleaning’ dispute
  55. Coon shoots Philadelphia eatery (Church’s Chicken) employee in ‘table cleaning’ dispute - suspook ID
  56. 70-year-old Man Faces Child Porn Charges Following Tip From Parole Board
  57. Atlantic City Street Fight Leads to Stabbing - Hispanic arrested
  58. Cops pull over Hispanic driver, find loaded gun under seat
  59. (Parents with foreign named) arrested for repeated abuse of toddler
  60. Handcuffed (Hispanic) man who escaped from cops is busted in cab
  61. Bernie the Jew runs into slight problems w. FEC, taking money fm foreigners, etc.
  62. Exclusive: Victim (WM advocate for social justice) of vicious Durham parking lot attack speaks
  63. (Black) Woman throws boiling water in babysitting spat
  64. Black United Fund silverback, 73 on way to get out vote Hillary event dispatched to DNS after crash
  65. Iran (Persia)billionaire tycoon Zanjani sentenced to death for corruption
  66. Highway 290 shut down in both directions; naked sow on big rig in custody
  67. Omaha WM, 50 stabbed to death May, 2015 by negro
  68. Negro child rapist on Texas 10 Most Wanted sex offender list captured
  69. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case - DNA tests confirm man as attacker in 1974
  70. Woman sexually assaulted at gunpoint in DC by 2 negros
  71. (Black) Man And Women Arrested For Leaving 2-Year-Old Son Alone In Trash-strewn Apartment
  72. SEPTA Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing After Tasing (Hispanic) Man Who Later Died
  73. (Black) Comedian Katt Williams Involved in Onstage Brawl During Philly Hip Hop Concert
  74. 70 mph black mows down two Hispanic teens - Vehicle That Hit, Killed Teens in NJ Was Going 70 MPH
  75. (Hispanic) Man stabs his wife to death before turning knife on himself
  76. Love-struck (black female) juror facing jail time for lying to probation officer
  77. (Foreigner) Ahmed A. Almalki charged with DWI after live streaming joy ride
  78. Good question for Cruz, endorsed by "Caitlyn" Jenner: does he reject this, as Trump rejected Duke?
  79. Negro handyman beat, sexually assaulted 84-year-old woman
  80. (Black) Gangbanger gets at least 23 years for murdering (black) vagrant
  81. Lawyers want Russian ‘spy’ sprung from jail after new indictment
  82. Donald Trump Family & KKK - Grandfather Fred Trump Arrested @ KKK Rally In New York- 6-1-1927
  83. Caught On Video: Cancer Survivor Pistol-Whipped By Armed Negros In Fontana, CA
  84. Cedar Rapids Child Sex Abuse Negro Arrested in Ohio
  85. Two negros sentenced to life for 2009 robbery and killing in Sherman Oaks, CA WM, 31
  86. Police Seek (Black) Taxicab Driver For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Female Rider
  87. (Two black 'youths') 15-Year-Old Boy, 20-Year-Old Arrested In Connection With Deadly Shooting
  88. Delco EMT and Wife of Fire Chief Accused of Sexting (17-yr-old male) Teen Firefighter
  89. Narcotics cop shot during buy-and-bust gone awry - 2 Hispanics arrested
  90. NYC: (White) Cop who fatally shot (allegedly) unarmed black teen to appear for hearing
  91. Oregon Wildlife Refuge Defendant Facing Felony Charge Demands To Know If Government Informants Were
  92. FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting
  93. More shootings in (black) Philadelphia - the city of "brotherly love"
  94. Philadelphia Crime Wave - Philly is 44% Black
  95. Another violent night in Philly....
  96. Violent Night Leaves 3 Dead, 4 Injured Across Philadelphia
  97. (Chinese) Ex-NYU student gets 16 years in jail for trying to buy ricin
  98. Fräulein disfigured after dousing w/ professional drain cleaner after leaving ex kaffer lover
  99. Charges filed after 2 elderly men attacked within hours in Aurora, IL by feral negro
  100. 6' 7", 0 pt scoring Cornell negro basketball player charged with rape