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  1. Update: Schwoogie sought in Rogers Park sex assault near CTA Red Line station - charged
  2. Number of New Yorkers with STDs has skyrocketed
  3. Russia, turkey and usa
  4. Marcell iz an incestual negro cuz hims dun muh dikked fambly member (f, age 13 to 15)
  5. 911 call: Negro coonfesses to killing his white mammy and his girlfriend's choking deffs
  6. COPS: Nigger Punches, Robs Victim Just Involved In Car Accident
  7. SEPTA Suspends (white) Driver Caught on Camera Throwing Water on Sheboon Passenger
  8. Mall of America moves to block Black Lives Matter protest
  9. NJ police captain says some Muslims did celebrate on 9/11
  10. Beautiful woman (of Indian ethnicity) charged in random fatal stabbing might get bail
  11. Negro guilty of Toledo mental ill WM, 51 beating/stab death at group home
  12. The niggers that stole Christmas
  13. Thieving negro, mudshark steal credit cards from shoppers in Metro East
  14. Nigger sow thousands from elderly, disabled WM federal judge
  15. (Black) Man on PCP Drives Erratically Into NJ: Police
  16. WATCH LIVE: Officials to Provide Update on Philadelphia Police-Involved Shooting Practices After DOJ
  17. Updates: Female Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students
  18. Little Rock negro arrested after rapes (children 4 & 5) at home daycare
  19. (Black) Man slashed in head during Harlem fight - no arrests have been made
  20. (White)
  21. (White) Woman settles with Target over horrific shopping-cart toss by Spanic punks
  22. Nigger that kidnapped, homo raped set White boy scout on fire in 1985 wants new trial
  23. (Black man says) Cops kicked me so hard I lost a testicle
  24. (Black) Lifelong friend who snitched on (black) ex-state Sen. Sampson cries at sentencing
  25. 75-yr-old white psychiatrist found nude - strangled to death by Hispanic male prostitute
  26. Urethra Franklin is a worse person than you thought
  27. Police Looking For Apologetic (black) Criminal Caught On Video Robbing Pizza Shop
  28. 2 negros arraigned in 2010 Taunton, MA shooting death WM, 33
  29. Bucks County Day Care Provider's Husband Faces Decade's Old Molestation Charges
  30. St. Paul WM Physics Teacher Body Slammed, Choked Unconscious by Feetsball Stoodint
  31. Upd: St. Paul WM Physics Teacher Body Slammed, Choked Unconscious by Feetsball Stoodint - probation
  32. Coonposite sketch released of spook wanted in Hamilton, ON sexual assault
  33. Denver Coonhunt For Unlawful Sexual Contact Spook
  34. 8-month-old baby found dead in The Bronx
  35. Pope Francis set to trip -Tex-Mex border
  36. (The Catholic) Pope Francis visits Mexico
  37. (The Catholic) Pope Francis visits Mexico - (but you probably were aware of that)
  38. FariŮa suggests buying Rosetta Stone to learn foreign languages
  39. Poor Nog Who Spent 28 Years Behind Bars For Another Nigga's Muh Dikking Released
  40. Coonposite sketch of spook in daytime sexual attack of woman on Elk Grove, CA street
  41. Louisville negro raped and robbed woman in alley
  42. Tulsa WM, 42 Shooting Victim by Negro During Altercation Dies Of His Wounds
  43. Updates: Ex-Penn St. Coach Sandusky Charged With Homo Sex Abuse of Young Boys
  44. 10-year-old boy robbed at gunpoint for only $3 - by three cowardly black males
  45. Chipotle Hires Illegals From MexicoĖAnd Gets E. Coli With Them (Eat At Chick-Fil-A Instead!)
  46. (Hispanic female) Teen suspect arrested after drugging, robbing at least 5 men
  47. (Latina) Teen suspect arrested after drugging, robbing at least 5 men
  48. (Asian) Long Island mall shooter Lee is a jobless, pill-popping degenerate
  49. Negro boyfriend charged with murder after beating mudshark lover's head with cinder block
  50. 3 negros arrested, indicted for 2013 murder of Savannah WF, 21 college student
  51. (Arabic) Dentist Majid Khamesi accused of groping patientís breasts
  52. Negro beat, stole from developmentally-delayed woman
  53. Negro sentenced for rape, sodomy
  54. Negro "person of trust" dun muh diks a 14-year-old
  55. Negro DeKalb County Police officer accused of sexual assault while on-duty
  56. Delaware State Troopers Confronted By (Black) Man With Gun
  57. Police Find Kilos of Marijuana in Delaware Storage Unit belonging to (black) Malik Nasir
  58. Dead Nigger Storage in CLT Mall on Christmas Eve iz cRapper Donkey Cartel
  59. Attack on Jewish student investigated as hate crime
  60. Failing schools avoid closure by meeting lowered performance standards
  61. Cardinal Dolan welcomes refugees at midnight Mass
  62. Cops arrest (black female) robbery victims after finding rifle in violin case
  63. Cuzz goes to Vegas to attend cuzz'z dirt nap; decides to invade house iz made good by homeowner
  64. (Dreadlocked) Norbit Lewis arrested in fatal shooting of woman at Lake Highlands apartment
  65. Knee grow brudahs dun raped 2 girls, ages 5 and 6
  66. Memphis police arrested negro suspected of rape, robbery and kidnapping
  67. Wite wimman chases, mows down facespook colored boy friend and makes hims a pancake
  68. Coon exposes muh dik, shows gun at restaurant to lower his bill
  69. Chimp church employee charged with child molestation
  70. Oregon male relocates to Syracuse, flees after 2 days due to negro pipe attack
  71. (Hispanic) Husband on run after shooting wife in Christmas marital spat
  72. (Hispanic) Husband was on run after shooting wife in Christmas marital spat - now charged
  73. Update: Police Hunt Coon In Death Of Woman In Pomona, CA Found Set Ablaze
  74. Update: Pomona, CA Mudshark Found Set Ablaze by Her Negro Buck On Christmas Day
  75. Negro, wite wimman facing charges 3 years after woman killed in drug induced homicide
  76. (Hispanic) NYPD sergeant charged with shooting kidís mother
  77. Daily Double: Mammy, Stoodint to DNS via CHI Cops After Domestic Chimpout
  78. Daily Double: Mammy, Stoodint to DNS via CHI Cops After Domestic Chimpout
  79. Elites and media really hate Donald Trumpís voters
  80. Federal officials say fire at Houston mosque suspicious
  81. (Black Muslim) Man who worshipped at mosque set fire to it, cops say
  82. Anthony Paz Torres open fires at tire shop- Enrique es muerto
  83. City loses $1M bid to fire commie teacher arrested in Occupy Wall Street
  84. City loses $1M bid to fire commie teacher arrested in Occupy Wall Street - avoids jail
  85. Parents of collapsed (black) football player file lawsuit: report
  86. Woman who failed FDNY physical test 6 times gets another chance
  87. Hackensack negro held on $400,000 bail in sex assault, robbery
  88. Armed Robbery Attempt In Dover, Delaware - (by black male)
  89. Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' returns to German market in new form
  90. Graduation rates soar as more students skip Regents exam
  91. WF, 64 mployee robbed, shot outside Macon, GA restaurant by 2 negros
  92. 4 coons (1 named Innocent) arrested in Hialeah robbery spree of targeting elderly
  93. An Oct. 8 Uncaged Jiggaboo Jones Dun Try Arm Rob Captain Max Iz Now a Very Good Negro
  94. College Station, TX Homeowner Dispatches Boonglar to Great Waddymelon Patch
  95. WM tells police he was attacked, robbed by negro Uber driver in ATL
  96. Nigga Leroy dun stole My Bike!: The game/news story
  97. Negro arrested on rape charges of minor
  98. Grand Jury Declines to Indict Cleveland Officers in Tamir Rice Shooting - Dec 28, 2015
  99. Prosecutor Seeks Rehearing in Catholic Church Abuse Case
  100. Philadelphia Police Search for (Hispanic) Kensington Robbery Suspects