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  1. East Texas marijuana fields tied to a Mexican drug cartel; three arrests made
  2. New York To Scrap Literacy Test For Teachers In The Name Of Diversity
  3. Bus Plows Into Parade Crowd In Haiti, Killing 38
  4. New footage suggests Michael Brown made drug deal before shooting death
  5. How rowdy foreign diplomats’ immunity thwarts NYPD
  6. Re: Brooklyn: 7yo girl Nixzmary Brown beaten to death
  7. Colored Monkey Boy Arrested in Robbery Attempt on Elderly Victim (WF or HF) Caught on Video
  8. ‘How does it feel to work for a fascist?’: Hateful Punjabess confronts Spicer in Apple store
  9. Arab-American group may have violated nonprofit ethics law: watchdog
  10. Moonshiner attacks Trump Tower with eggs before cops stop him
  11. Re: Brooklyn: 7yo girl Nixzmary Brown beaten to death - settlement
  12. White boy, 12 beaten by older colored boy Glendale Heights, IL school
  13. Negro charged with attempted sodomy after grabbing toddler at playground
  14. Sow thief robs Girl Scout cookie booth at SC Walmart
  15. Sodomizer parade to be replaced by anti-Trump protest in Los Angeles
  16. Illegal alien invasion headlines 13 March 2017
  17. 248 Arrested Following Operation That Targeted Criminal Aliens In Three States
  18. Re: Niggers are to banks what flies are to feces - FBI Searching For black suspect
  19. Jury for (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby's Criminal Trial Will Come From Ac
  20. New York City evaluating Hasidic community’s cooperation in (circumcism sucking) herpes cases
  21. Cincinnati PD charge negro in fatal shooting of WM, 26
  22. WF, 20 shot to death babysitting in Dayton by the negro
  23. Update: white 'girlfriend' of black ex-convict that shot innocent White female babysitter to death
  24. Disgraced (White) coach: Murdered (black) Baylor player sold drugs, was ‘the worst’
  25. Must see to believe: CNN's Cuomo says, just 'cause Mike Brown dealt drugs doesn't mean he's "dealer"
  26. Gitmo Murderer, Omar Khadr gets a 19-hour Operation for a Sore Shoulder
  27. Canada: Women Asked to Leave Women’s Shelter Over Objections to Transgender Roommate
  28. Who's To Blame for World War One? By Paul Gottfried
  29. Redding, CA WM, 61 stabbed to death by 5 spics during marijuana robbery
  30. White 73-year-old grandmother recovering from violent carjacking
  31. Hispanic and black charged with brutal carjacking of White 73-year-old woman
  32. Transgender: ‘Toni the Tampon’ Teaches Children Men Can Menstruate
  33. Dark Brazilian Goalie who had ex murdered, fed to dogs signs new soccer deal
  34. Video: negro peoples call for boycott beauty supply store after 2 slopes kick, choke thieving sow
  35. Dekalb, GA white dad of 4 buying drone shot to death by 2 colored boys
  36. Prehistoric muhdikkus jiggaboous erectus dun punched wimman 2X in da mouf
  37. Negro rapist turns himself in to Decatur police
  38. Obama Holds Secret Meetings With Silicon Valley Tech Leaders [Video]
  39. Wigger who loved to rap shot to deaf while riding in the backseat of a car by the negro
  40. 4 negros, mudshark indicted lead poisoning deff of sum Jiggaboo Jackscoon
  41. US State Dept. warns college students against spring break travel to Mexico
  42. Failed (Negro) City Council candidate fined $71K over campaign finances
  43. Anti-Trump graffiti case should be tossed since Cuomo did it first: lawyers
  44. Spic arrest made 2015 double murder of white couple in Live Oak Co, TX
  45. Negro monkey arrested for exposing himself
  46. Sow arrest made in Taco Bell assault wif hot grease
  47. Book: Who really started WWII?--it was the West and esp. Britain, admits Brit. author A.J.P. Taylor
  48. Her Satanic majesties TOP 10 Richest Pastors in the World.
  49. Altamonte Springs, FL WF sells wedding ring for husband's medical bills, nigger grabs it, runs off
  50. Monkeyshines at Oakland carnival caught on camera
  51. White mook in critical condition after Brooklyn chicken joint beatdown by feral negros
  52. White mook in critical condition after Brooklyn chicken joint beatdown by feral negros - 4 arrested
  53. Silverback negro put in a cage 25 years for lewd acts on BART trains
  54. In liberal South Jersey town, all-in for Trump means vandalism, threats
  55. Alabama negro charged with sex abuse of a child, held on $120,000 bond
  56. Hispanic Woman Naomi Olmeda arrested for murder after police find Hispanic boyfriend’s body
  57. Civilian added to NYPD panel focusing on illegal Muslim surveillance
  58. Snake saves Lehigh woman from negroid rape
  59. Irish lass celebrating Hindu festival Goa, India ends up raped, her body smashed to death
  60. Irish lass celebrating Hindu festival Goa, India - suspect Vikat Bhagat confessed to rape murder
  61. Arkansas caged negro monkey chucked cup of urine at guards
  62. Mother and son are becoming father and daughter
  63. Jiggaboo Javonta Jermel recorded hims raping woman at gunpoint will spend life in cage
  64. 16-year-old colored boy charged with rape in Fayetteville
  65. (LGBT-Queer)*Alien from China - Former Lee's Summit teacher charged with statutory sodomy
  66. Biscuit Lips Accused Of Raping Child
  67. KC mammy charged with child abuse is accused of hitting daughter in head with metal dog chain
  68. Trial continues for 4 black carjackers that murdered a Jewish lawyer in a 2013 carjacking
  69. Event to honor female aviation refuses to honor greatest of all, why?--she was nazi, oh my
  70. Black Sports: All Charges Dropped Against Ex-Jet Darrelle Revis in Assault Case
  71. The negro monkey favored Shopko parking lot when exposing himself to women
  72. Rogue Federal judge blocks Trump’s second travel ban
  73. El Gordo busted stealing Scotch from airport bar
  74. Crazy-Eyed Mark-Viverito compares Trump’s handling of immigrants to ‘ethnic cleansing’
  75. Mother distraught after black-Hispanic son allegedly leaves his brother to die in car wreck
  76. Reward offered for three feral niggers who beat dog with bricks in Cleveland
  77. Canada: Russia gets Rid of Sand Nigger Spy
  78. LR negro receives 30 years for rape of 10-year-old girl
  79. Homeowner fatally shoots home invasion spook, coalburner arrested
  80. 2 fat black sows Wanted For Attacking Grocery Store Employee In Grays Ferry
  81. Negro monkey indecent exposure, public masturbation in VCU classroom arrested
  82. Snowplow finds dead body of (ebonic) teen "Trevon" shot, left for dead
  83. UK Uber driver smacked mudshark leaving her with black eye, threw keys at her mixed
  84. Cops searching for "man" (feral black) who attacked, robbed women
  85. Muzzie goes full jihad on gook neighbor over noisy snowblower: cops
  86. Black female Oakland Fire Chief Retires Amid Ghost Ship Investigation - says Jewish female mayor
  87. 2 Detroit police officers injured in shooting; silverback negro in custody
  88. Ethiopia landslide: Number of dead at rubbish dump hits 113
  89. Aspiring (pregnant black female) US model, 19, is struck and killed by train after she gets stuck
  90. Hack? McNigger's tweet to President Trump: 'You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President'
  91. Jiggaboo Jarrel raped, strangled victim in domestic incident
  92. Negro roommate, 23 faces murder charge in death of Goose Creek, SC man, 68 found in burn barrel
  93. SWAT called to Metairie for 'high-risk warrant' in Jiggaboo Jenkums rape case
  94. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case - 81-year-old White granny killed
  95. On hims 23rd birfday, a Young Nigga in Charge gits life in a cage
  96. Philly: "Sodom and Gomorrah" Community Center Set To Open This Summer At Historic Music Hall
  97. Homicide Suspook Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Kill Witness In Case
  98. Police: (Black) Suspect Robs 2 Food Trucks Of Hundreds Of Dollars
  99. Pennsylvania College Removes Fliers for White Supremacist Group
  100. ASIAN Man allegedly planted bomb at Port Authority Bus Terminal