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  1. NYC: Woman falls to her death from apartment as cops arrest Hispanic Pedro Perez
  2. WF, 46 Rochester, NY liquor store owner dies upper body trauma inflicted by worthless negro
  3. Obola, his DOJ (Justice) illegally took money to give to leftists
  4. Chattanooga negro charged with female genital mutilation, assault after imprisoning, torturi
  5. Security guard stabbed to death at Potomac Mills by a thieving negro
  6. Security guard stabbed to death at Potomac Mills by a thieving negro
  7. 33 yrs after centralized consolidation of "Civil" war, Span-Am. war made Jew S A world imperial powr
  8. Sambo Smith sentenced to life for continuous sex assault of child
  9. Arab shot five white people in Ohio, 2 died. Feb 25th
  10. (Black) Philadelphia Woman Charged In Possible Road Rage Stabbing
  11. Sikh man shot, allegedly told ‘go back to your own country’
  12. Bumbling wannabe jihadi tried to join ISIS in Syria: feds
  13. The smell of feces had begun wafting through the air: negro monkey disconnects colostomy bag, smears
  14. Hispanic Woman Domonique Echeverria who jumped in front of subway sues city over broken wheelchair
  15. (Pakistani/muslim) Capitol Hill staffers probed for theft worked for black Democrat NYC congressmen
  16. Somoolie asylum seeker sexually abused 2 elderly men, kills woman retirement home Osnabrück, Germany
  17. FAKE NEWS * FAKE "HATECRIMES" Tombstones damaged at New York cemetery not vandalism, say police
  18. Masked (nigger) who pushed reporter says he wanted publicity
  19. Pregnant White Mom Killed While Lying in Bed with 4-Month-Old Son by Mestizo BF, other Spic
  20. British woman killed in South Africa after robbers torture her with blow torch and leave her husband
  21. Book reviews by New Nation News Guest Columnist "Apollonian"
  22. Here's case substantiating Obola's deliberate spying on Trump before/after election (pretty solid)
  23. Trump's "Wiretapping" Allegations Based in Fact - The New American
  24. Plano Pac. Islander lab employee headed to prison after inappropriately touching 6 teenage patients
  25. Bellingham police: Man’s stab death of own mother sexually motivated
  26. Jewish leaders demand probe headstones toppled by 'acts of God', nature and 'disrepair'
  27. Silverback negro charged in sexual assault 6-year-old girl
  28. Salisbury Sambo Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Woman Whose Home He Burglarized
  29. Kansas City negress charged with murder told investigators she shot oildriller, set house on fire
  30. Police: (Black) Teens Attack Victims Near SEPTA Subway Stations In Robbery Spree
  31. Children's Mouths, Throats Burned at Chinese-speaking restaurant - interpretors needed
  32. Green Bay Sports Scribe Says Negroid Football Player's Child Abuse Incident Caused By Slavery
  33. Five high school basketball players wit ebonic names face sex charges
  34. Mexican Wife poisons husband’s Lucky Charms to avoid sex with him
  35. 2 negros arrested in separate sexual-assault cases: NOPD
  36. Black Man slashes postal worker in seemingly random attack
  37. Negro arrested for rape in Opelousas
  38. Brooklyn judge harassed in park: ‘You f–king Jew’
  39. CNN is very confused about Australia and Austria
  40. Mestizo decapitates mother
  41. Book Review: "The Idea of a Southern Nation" by McCardell
  42. Re: Nigger flash mobs on the hunt
  43. Oh my Gosh!!! there's a photo circulating of two students in blackface
  44. To help others, Newark, DE mudshark tells of 3-hour tenderizing yet forgives the buck
  45. Integrated schools: ‘Literacy’ test for teachers may be nixed
  46. Literacy tests for teachers nixed after minority test-takers passed at far lower rates
  47. Customer tackles (black) thief attempting to rob Chinese restaurant
  48. Shively sambo charged with rape and assault
  49. Watch: Standoff wit coon dat assaulted mammy ends when nigga dun falls out window
  50. Negro Arrest Made in Des Moines’ Eighth Homicide (F, 45) of 2017
  51. Negro Arrest Made in Des Moines’ Eighth Homicide (WF, 45) of 2017; they were not "strangers"
  52. Negro raped, impregnated girl, 13, in church baffroom stall during funeral
  53. Negro arrested after Sexual Assault of a minor
  54. Colorado Springs WM clerk, 60 shot to death robbery by negro and his wigger
  55. Stillwater, OK WM, 21 shot to death by 2 negros (over knapsack of pot), 2 WF's survive
  56. Sketch of afrocoon of interest in 3 rapes, 2 homicides (Brockton, MA WF, 20/WF, 50) released
  57. Negro, Leon robs man radio station (YT staffed), pulls out muh dik den offers to homo rape him
  58. Ubangi Uber driver accused of raping female passenger in Va. Beach
  59. Colored boy monkey exposed himself to girl, 7 at Summerville Walmart
  60. Nurse raped by negroid boss with checkered history sues Aurora nursing center
  61. Audubon Zoo gorilla throws block of wood at pregnant negress during Soul Festival
  62. "Hispanic African American" held her for 2 weeks, drugged and raped her and ripped her nails off
  63. This is the Future Liberals Want
  64. DA: Serial Child Rapist Hugh Taussig-Lux Would Lure Kids Off Playgrounds, Host Drug Parties
  65. AC Police Arrest Black Man In Possession of $80K Worth of Heroin, Stolen Gun From Georgia
  66. Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed
  67. Pennsylvania School Board Member Caught in Racial Slur Firestorm Insists Twitter Was Hacked
  68. (White) New Albany woman says attack (by a dozen racist blacks) outside bar was a hate crime
  69. NYC: Black female Public advocate wants to blacklist firms that help build Trump’s wall
  70. Coonposite sketch released of cornrowed spook accused of rape in East Point
  71. Pregnant white woman chases down coon who snatched rent money at Santa Clarita gas station
  72. Didja' know?--there actually were a couple of US elections (1916 & -40) stolen by foreign power(s)
  73. Spook Beats Murder Charge, Iz Dead Nigger Storage Moments Upon Leaving Cage
  74. New video released of negroid in murder of WM WSU Sgt Collin Rose
  75. New video released of negroid in murder of WM WSU Sgt Collin Rose
  76. Woman, 71 beaten in subway elevator after victim told nigger sow how to parent her little monkey
  77. Mestiza Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Police Officer
  78. Football negro arrested for marijuana possession
  79. Sen. Tim Kaine’s rabid far-left hippy-anarchist Son Arrested During Anti-Trump Protest
  80. Two men slashed in Brooklyn gay-bashing - (black suspect?)
  81. Negro monkey accused of exposing himself to woman arrested
  82. Continued bomb threats against Jewish sites may be all from one person
  83. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  84. Arrests, Investigation After Assault Of WM By Group Of Negro Youfs Downtown Baltimore Caught On Tape
  85. WM, 24 weed dealer shot to death Conroe, TX by 2 negros
  86. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case - Lonnie Williams, 41, accused
  87. DNA Cold case: negro arrested for 1987 rape murder
  88. Onslow Co, NC WM, 33 shot to death in head by the negro
  89. Onslow Co, NC WM, 33 shot to death in head by the negro
  90. Providence knee grow holy man accused of child molestation, sexual assault + video
  91. Michigan college student faked Trump-inspired campus attack * FAKE NEWS * FAKE HATECRIMES
  92. Trump Supporters in Berkeley Attacked by Black-Clad Anarchists; Elderly Man Pepper-Sprayed
  93. Cholo Gang Crossfire kills Escondido, CA WF, 55 driving home from church
  94. Suffolk Police search for negro wanted in sexual assault investigation
  95. New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision
  96. ‘Code of silence’ blocking DOH from finding herpes-infecting Jewish boy baby circumciser
  97. De Blasio never enforced agreement to ID (jewish boy baby circumcisers) with herpes
  98. Massive gun bust is biggest in Brooklyn history - Antwan arrested
  99. "It's a house full of girls and...if I try to leave, the negro, he'll try to kill me..."
  100. Serious business: Obola is up for felony charges, using nat. security surveillance for pol. purposes