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  1. Shallotte sambo charged with rape, kidnapping, attempted murder (of a person)
  2. Dark sows in heat twerk on da poleeze car!
  3. Niggers impale pet turtle with knife sharpener during burglary
  4. Weirsdale, FL WM, 38 stepson, 18 shot to death home invasion; 2 negros sought
  5. Sow charged with killing her uncle during missing car keys argument
  6. Threats Lead to Evacuations of Main Line, Cherry Hill, Wilmington Jewish Community Centers
  7. Two Reports Many Christians And Conservatives Won’t Want To Read
  8. Pimp accused of killing girlfriend kept her head in the freezer
  9. Negro allegedly beats great-grandmother to death after binding her - unfit for trial - unfit to live
  10. Negro who played "truth or dare" with 11 y/o charged with new sexual assault
  11. Negro charged with rape in connection to attack in West Plaza neighborhood
  12. Portland jiggaboo jazz icon Thara Memory accused of sex abuse
  13. Wite trash wimman charged with crime against nature (sex w/ pit bull) while negro films
  14. Bucks County (Male) Nurse Accused Of Secretly Videotaping (female) Patients
  15. Silverback negro wanted for assault involving hot grease
  16. Hanover-area caretaker charged in bed bug death - SCARY!!!
  17. WM, 36 shot to death Alexandria, LA by 2 colored boys
  18. Foreign teen from 'crazy house' orig from Thailand arrested for invasion attack on 72-yr-old woman
  19. GOP-Sponsored Bill Blocks Over $1 Billion In Funding To Pennsylvania Sanctuary Cities
  20. Black serial killer Charged With Killing 3 Women, Including Philly Teen
  21. Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Philly several tombstones knocked over 2/12/17: only 1 outlet reports blurb
  22. Negroid Deputy Director Of Crime Lab Resigns, Accused Of Altering Crime Scene Reports
  23. HOAX Bomb Threat At Anti-Defamation League Office
  24. Shine of interest sought following overnight shooting
  25. Fort Smith, AR WM, 35 shot to death by the negro - Police Arrest Suspect
  26. Barrington Man Franco Silvestri Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography
  27. Oscars sensation 'Groid from Chicago' served 22 years for attempted RAPE, out of cage 3 days
  28. Buck and sow arrested for torturing and killing a woman's cat.
  29. Vicious (black-on-White) racial mob attack In Kettering, Ohio
  30. Joo stabs another 3X at Aventura, FL synagogue over a “domestic related issue”
  31. Update: Joo stabs another 3X at Aventura, FL synagogue over a “domestic related issue”
  32. African American Suspect in NJ Gunpoint Beating, Sex Assault Faces Charges
  33. Police Hunt Black Man Who Threatened Woman in NJ Home Invasion
  34. Judge Sides With Transgender Students Over Bathroom Access
  35. 2 colored boy carjackers kill white mom, 29 in front of kids, husband in SW Houston
  36. 2 colored boy carjackers kill white mom, 29 in front of kids, husband in Houston - adding obituary
  37. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  38. More Evidence Against Global Warming Surfaces
  39. UK: RAF to ban women from wearing skirts on parade so transgender personnel don't feel excluded
  40. 2 cops just shot in Houston by Latino
  41. 30,000 Scientists Agree: Climate Change is a Hoax
  42. Two wily negroes use lost dog ruse to start home invasion.
  43. Authorities: Gymnastics Coach Sent Pornography To Teen Girl
  44. Black Suspect Wanted for Stealing $19,000 Worth of Lotto Tickets: Philly Police
  45. Pervert Accused Of Recording Inside High School Boy's Locker Room - when girls using it
  46. All Charges Withdrawn Against Man Accused Of Recording Inside Girls’ Locker Room
  47. Peeping Uncle Tom arrested
  48. Hispanic pedophile faggot Anthony Rodriguez caught kissing a boy on the lips twice
  49. Schumer, Gillibrand pulled visa strings for foreign Indian athlete accused of sex abuse of 12-yr-old
  50. Sow stole a dying coon's pants after her gurlfriend stabbed hims for sexual advances 7yo
  51. Roof jumper Devon Wade falls to his death in his underwear trying to ditch cops
  52. Blind Negro To Be Governor Of NY! (Thanks to former 'First Jewish President' Spitzer) ex-wife update
  53. Female Asian Fraudster wanted for going on $7K Bloomingdales shopping spree
  54. Archdiocese wants to mortgage prized Manhattan real estate to pay off sex abuse victims
  55. March Equinox: Wernher von Braun der Raketenmann
  56. Good, at least interesting, news: German philosophical, Heidegger, worked to get bro. to be nazi
  57. Negro charged in fatal shooting of WM, 24 outside Cleveland bar
  58. Orange Co, FL WM sheriff shot multiple times serving arrest warrant on worthless negro made good
  59. 'Wannabe’ mudflap masseuse tricked male teen
  60. Homicides in Philadelphia are up 37 percent in 2017, police say
  61. Missouri Senate votes down faggot homo discrimination protections
  62. 'Glitter' Ash Wednesday: Chicago area churches show LGBTQ support
  63. People Are Freaking Out About The “Same-Sex Surprise” In ‘Beauty and the Beast’
  64. 4 x jiz donor turns off spigot - (black) convicted of killing 4 kids
  65. Why heroin and classroom sex aren’t enough to get teachers fired anymore
  66. NYC: Anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim messages scrawled across city
  67. Department of Education sues Jewish allegedly anti-Semitic bigoted teacher
  68. Foley, AL homeowner makes groid wit pick-axe coming through bedroom door a very good negro
  69. New York Civil Liberties Union wants anonymity for donors due to death threats
  70. Christie’s eyes loophole to duck Nazi-confiscated art suit
  71. Police: (Black) Man Captured On Video Throwing (black) Cat Into Air
  72. Police: Swastika Spray Painted On Front Step Of Home
  73. New Nation Swastika Sightings
  74. Police: Half-Kilo Of Cocaine, 120 Pounds Of Pot Seized From (dreadful, black) South Jersey Man
  75. Black defendants so blacktivist NAACP Seeks Review in Market Street Building Collapse Case
  76. Illegal Alien Mestizo accused of raping incapacitated woman
  77. Trio of DARK Thieves Steal Phone Accessories From South Street Store: Police
  78. Feds arrest (female illegal alien) ‘dreamer’ right after she speaks to the media
  79. Savage negro beast guard helps inmate lover alter incriminating tattoo
  80. (Black female) Jail captain caught on video allegedly kissing (black male) inmate - resigns
  81. Teenage Rape Victim By 2 Colored Boys Finds Vast Support Network After Going Public With Story
  82. Woman sexually assaulted while moving out of Va. apartment by the negro
  83. Wimman of color leaves baby, puppy alone in car while performing sex acts
  84. ACLJoo sues DC Police over recent arrest tg thingee wif big bootlips
  85. Burlington police charge negro in sexual assault of 2 juveniles
  86. NYPD: Feral Negroid Wanted In 3 Attacks On Women In Queens
  87. Memphis negroid attorney arrested for aggravated rape, assault
  88. Naked negro runs on hims feets from kwaps after sexual assault
  89. Update: Naked negro runs on hims feets from kwaps after sexual assault
  90. 88-Year-Old White Woman Recounts Fighting Off Negroid Attacker: ‘I Told Him I Had HIV’
  91. Woman arrested for having sex with high school football players
  92. NYC: 5 black, 2 WM Cops accused of mob-style shakedowns in stunning indictment
  93. Baltimore: 5 black, 2 WM Cops accused of mob-style shakedowns in stunning indictment
  94. NYC: Cops bust homeless Santa groper - he groped two women in a Flatiron subway station
  95. Judge threatens to arrest (black) councilman if he skips court date
  96. Attorney: If colored boy had correct treatment, he wouldn't be charged in rape
  97. Ex-mudshark, negro buck arrested in strangle/head trauma death of new coal burning fiancé
  98. WF beaten during South Orange, NJ negroid home invasion speaks out
  99. Joo tranny beaten during South Orange, NJ negroid home invasion speaks out
  100. Sioux Falls negro sentenced to 50 years for raping, shooting at girl