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  1. Louisville WM, 60 shot to death by next door negro neighbor
  2. Louisville WM, 60 shot to death by next door negro neighbor - 2nd black arrested
  3. Silverback Negro Barricades Himself in Garage After Fatal Shooting (WM, 28) in Frederick, MD
  4. Silverback Negro murdered White man in Frederick, MD - new gofundme
  5. Drunken or Doped-up Hispanic Charged In Woman’s Death After Collision With Cyclists
  6. Negro gentleman ooks guilty to shooting, burning, stuffing in garbage bags girlfriend (W, Arab?)
  7. 23-year-old negro charged with sex crimes against child
  8. Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down city's low down homo faggot protections
  9. Hearing set for mentally unfit colored boy fatally stabbing WM ETX teacher in 2009
  10. Possible illegal alien Angelo Colon-Ortiz arrested in connection with killing of WF jogger
  11. Nigga pimp "Pumpkin" goes in cage 40 years for forcing teen into prostitution
  12. Negro monkey, Daquan arrested for masturbating in public in Fairfax County
  13. Lawsuit Accuses South Philly Gook Poultry Store of Selling Improperly Labeled Chickens
  14. Outrage over food cart serving free food only for ‘black people’
  15. (Egyptian?) Landlord Taha Mahran admits to murdering tenant while covered in blood
  16. Black female 71-year-old Columnist claims (black) lobbyist punched and threatened to kill her
  17. Cops search for (black) suspect who tried to rape woman in Bronx alleyway
  18. Woman kicked out of Lincoln Center for anti-Trump sign
  19. ‘Today’ staffer leaked infamous Trump tape that ruined Billy Bush: sources
  20. Hispanic Traffic agent Wilfredo Vega Jr used position to promote supply shop
  21. Video shows sword attack by black in parking lot
  22. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  23. Phoenix negro monkey, Smitty Johnson Long Jr. caught exposing himself to child, mom and grandmother
  24. Coons collected money for fake deff relative
  25. Newton, NC negro gets 38 years in stabbing death WM, 20
  26. Toronto negro arrested sexual assault, human trafficking investigation involving girl, 16
  27. Gulfport negro sentenced to 3 life terms for robbery, rape of elderly woman
  28. HIV Positive Negroid Accused Of Raping Two Children
  29. Girl raped by Tyresse Mario Dionte McKay she met on St. Paul light rail, 2 others
  30. 13-year-old Girl gang-raped by Tyresse Mario Dionte McKay, 2 others
  31. Buck tenderizes sow's niglet beating it 62 times in five minutes, police say
  32. (Black female) Radnor School Employee Accused of Showing Students Sex Videos
  33. Police: Black Man Wanted For Stabbing, Robbery At Wildwood Transit Center
  34. Re: Proud Race Traitors in Hollywood
  35. DA blasts bill allowing conceal carry in all 50 states
  36. Trump’s transgender rule reversal sparks city protests
  37. Book Review: "Masonry, Conspiracy Against Christianity," by Epperson
  38. Naked Sow Knuckle Drags Through Stamford Chapel, Chimps Out, Smashes Walls
  39. Evasive acting negro arrested after wife's (Sandy) dead body found in home
  40. Evasive acting negro arrested after wite wife's dead body found in home
  41. Feral negro fatally beats puppy, later shakes infant son to death
  42. Black Sports: Philly Native, Basketball Star Maurice Watson Jr. Suspect in Sexual Assault: Police
  43. Negro arrest in kidnapping, sexual assault of Providence teen
  44. Mestizo that fled to Mexico identified in 1997 cold-case rape, murder of WF, 26 in Costa Mesa, CA
  45. Gunman allegedly yells, ‘Get out of my country!’ before shooting two diaper heads, White idiot
  46. Texas policy forces transgender teen 'boy' to wrestle against female athletes
  47. Muslim adviser quits after 8 days of Trump admin - - interviewed by 'fake news' MSNBC
  48. Re: Nigga will steal yo stuff - The thieves are both described as African-American men between 20
  49. Registered negroid sex offender sexually abused 7-year-old in Utica
  50. Underground network readies homes to hide undocumented immigrants - ILLEGAL ALIENS
  51. Negro arrested on child sex crime charges at Keesler Air Force Base
  52. OKC Police: 3 Negros Arrested In Shooting Death Of Pueblo, CO WM, 43
  53. Video posted on joobook shows 8 feral sheboons, 1 nog tenderizing mudshark that gave trim to buck
  54. Silky Auburn negro with defaced and loaded gun assaulted woman for refusing sex
  55. Fayetteville police charge negro in 2014 rape
  56. College: Feces swastika found in LGBTQueer gender-neutral bathroom
  57. Bulgarian WF migrates to MN only to be impregnated, pez dispensered by negroid babydaddy
  58. Florida homeowner trained in jiu-jitsu bloodies suspected mestizo burglar
  59. Negroid actor plays as Little John in new Robin Hood movie
  60. Re: SA Blacks prove they hate Somali blacks more than anyone else ever thought about.
  61. Gap toof dark skin wit afocoonus accent sought Seattle U-District sexual assault
  62. Gap toof dark skin wit afocoonus accent sought Seattle U-District sexual assault
  63. Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 Negro Peoples Fight In City Island Restaurant
  64. Former Yeshiva Boys School Rodent Rabbi Homosexually Abused At Least 3 Boys
  65. Illegal alien mestizo arrested after double stabbing, kidnapping
  66. Video: WF or HF Brutally Attacked Brooklyn Medical Supply Store Robbery By Feral Negro
  67. Woman Brutally Attacked Brooklyn Medical Supply Store Robbery By Feral Negro - FIGHTS BACK!
  68. WF Brutally Attacked Brooklyn Medical Supply Store Robbery By Feral Negro - arrested
  69. Somoolie cab driver beat to deaf in PIT by 1 of dems "kangs an sheit", 3 other colored boys
  70. Somoolie cab driver beat to deaf in PIT by 1 of dems "kangs an sheit", 3 other colored -2 arrested
  71. Employee Shoots, Kills Tire Iron-Wielding Coon Who Broke Into Lancaster, CA Doughnut Shop
  72. Black Convicted of Fatally Shooting Sister in San Gabriel After She Texted His Girlfriend
  73. Philly Mayor Kenney Teams With Legal Community To Fight Trump Immigration Laws
  74. DOJ Sends Letter to Philadelphia Mayor Demanding City Cooperate With Immigration Agencies
  75. Bowtied knee grow ex-employee to pay $1.3 million, go to prison for theft from Huntsville nonprofit
  76. Stabbing victim at GM plant wuz having affair with sow assailant's buck
  77. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  78. > (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  79. WM says he was beaten up by subway break dancers
  80. Trump team takes first step toward building border wall
  81. Nigerian mogul with Manhattan penthouse probed for money laundering
  82. Man stabbed twice in his back on subway by BLACK man
  83. Egyptian Cabbie insists he was assaulted by White female model as year-long feud drags on
  84. Police Search For Black Suspect In Sex Assault Of Woman In Camden
  85. God help us if Chelsea Clinton runs for office
  86. Racist note (“don’t tip black people”) on restaurant bill is fake
  87. Delaware Black Man Charged With 7th DUI
  88. Two Wongs don't make a right - Two cousins sued over real estate deal gone wrong
  89. How midnight chats turn ‘empathetic teachers’ into ‘sexual predators’
  90. UK mum mudshark stabbed 150 TIMES by crazed afrocoonus lover survives
  91. Boosie Badazz and Baby Soulja rap video shoot results in dead nigger storage, 4 git lead removed
  92. Re: At Least Ten Jewish Community Centers Across US Targeted in Telephone Bomb Threats
  93. NYPD marks 29th anniversary of hero (White) cop’s ambush murder by 2 black assassins
  94. Re: This is why niggers belong in cages: Fight in food court causes chaos at Willowbrook Mall in Way
  95. Black HuffPost Writer HORRIFIED to Learn She’s White and NOT Native-American
  96. 3 Hispanic Men Face Murder Charges in Stabbing Death Near Rutgers: DA
  97. CUNY admin allegedly said there were ‘too many Jews’ on his staff
  98. Negro punched, robbed woman, 80 playing nickel slots Henderson, NV casino
  99. Sex Crimes Unit to release details about negroid domestic violence arrest
  100. Coon shanked to deaf in cage that shot Adamsville, AL white grandmother to death 1997