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  1. Des Plaines, IL WM, 52 pedestrian fatality in negro hit & run
  2. Roman Polanski ready to settle decades-old rape case
  3. Negroid Norristown teacher charged with sexual abuse of 3-year-old
  4. Teenage Lesbians ‘Forced’ To Leave McDonald’s For Kissing
  5. Teenage Lesbians ‘Forced’ To Leave McDonald’s For Kissing
  6. UK: Teenage Lesbians ‘Forced’ To Leave McDonald’s For Kissing
  7. Police release negroid pictures in Lenexa rape, robbery investigation
  8. White Supremacy Fliers - Anti-Semitic Notes
  9. Jiggaboo Jones on parole for rape charged again
  10. Incredible!--dumb, smug neo-con kike, Kristol, explicitly endorses "deep state," against Trump
  11. Daytona disabled WM veteran beaten up by feral niggers for trying to save turtle's life
  12. 2 new victims come forward after recognizing Lake County rape spook stabbed by woman
  13. Boon mad at his car, shoots vehicle, accidentally wounds his sow
  14. Boon babysitter, Trevarous gits lewd, lascivious wit 6-year-old child
  15. Negro charged with raping 12 year old girl
  16. (((Zuckerberg))): my Jewbook manifesto to re-boot globalisation
  17. Negro Good After Attacking Senior - black was stalking and threatening his ex mud-shark
  18. Lancaster Sexual Assault Spook Arrested
  19. WF, 13 dead, her grandmother critical Hammond, IN crash: cops chasing negro, mudshark beer thieves
  20. Holy Redeemer Christian Academy hires goofy looking groid as aide; teen gets raped in locker room
  21. Pennsylvania AG: $100,000 Worth Of Heroin Seized In Bust - Hispanic Erixon Colon arrested
  22. Police: Uber Driver Saddam Awadallah Burglarized Several Passengers’ Homes While They Were Out
  23. Large Shipment Of Narcotic ‘Khat’ from Kenya Intercepted At Philly Airport
  24. Intoxicated Non White Creature Crashes Into Police Cars
  25. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  26. Saudi Couple Leaves Baby in Car at Texas Movie Theater. Not Arrested Due to Culture
  27. Black Sports: Jets Star Darrelle Revis to Face Charges in Pittsburgh Assault: Officials
  28. Black Man Beaten by Philadelphia Police Was Stopped Illegally: Judge
  29. Teacher under fire for slipping anti-Trump question into homework
  30. (Indian) Pediatrician Malar Balasubramanian who killed her mom found hanged in apartment
  31. (Black) Gang members charged in bank fraud scheme
  32. NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito vows to block Trump immigration forces from city buildings
  33. Two cops (one black, one female) indicted for falsifying report about gun arrest
  34. Negro monkey arrested for masturbating in front of undercover female officer
  35. Sow detention worker had sex, baby wit coon in a cage
  36. Field negro with dead horses on farm faces new animal cruelty charges
  37. Old white homo desiring bbc action strangled to death, negro's wigger also charged
  38. New Jersey Middle School Investigates Student Nazi Salute in Classroom
  39. Negro arrested for possession of marijuana after calling police to unlock car
  40. Negro monkey wit indecent exposure coonviction kidnaps woman 10 days after let out of cage
  41. Negro monkey exposes himself to woman, sexually assaults her inside Harlem apartment elevator
  42. Scientists Are Close to Cloning a Woolly Mammoth
  43. Louisville WM, 18 shot to death by 2 negros
  44. Senile McCain ("songbird") pranked, promises lethal weapons to Ukraine, against Russia (vid)
  45. (Black) Driver charged with murder in fatal highway brawl
  46. Donald Trump: White House flatly denies plan to mobilise National Guard troops
  47. Blacktivist Wisconsin students demand free college for African-Americans (why not 40 acres & a mule?
  48. Niglet's shampoo allergy turns out to be meth in his system. Mammy arrested
  49. Sow Principal Intimidates Alleged Sexual Assault Victim to Stop Testimony Against Her Boo
  50. Cold case mestizo killing of white Mid County mom solved
  51. Negro gets eight years in wrong-way University City, MO crash that killed white father of 2
  52. Wild Mandingos robbing da stoodints in Rochester.
  53. Pennsylvania Breeding Facility Rat Tests Positive For Seoul Virus
  54. Detroit negro charged with murder of WF, 36 found in garbage bag in garage
  55. Prisoner Files Lawsuit Against Philadelphia's Aramark for Lack of Kosher Options
  56. Black silhouette targets are racist
  57. Slope Sentenced To 15 Years In Federal Prison
  58. NYC immigration raid netted a dozen sex offenders
  59. An Indian couple swindled prominent Manhattan philanthropist and Asiaphile Shelley Rubin out of $18
  60. NYC: Teacher, safety agent beaten outside of middle school by 13, 14yr olds
  61. Company fires 18 employees after they participated in 'A Day Without Immigrants''
  62. 8-Year-Old Girl Stabbed In Face During Dispute by female foreigner with Muslim name
  63. America’s “Poorest White Town” Proves Link between Race and Crime
  64. (Black) Bryant Park shooter gets 25-year jail sentence
  65. Spitzer hooker claims he stopped her from filing assault report
  66. Book Review: "Northern Rebellion and Southern Secession," by Ewing
  67. Coon Cedric raped unconscious woman
  68. Gwinnett groid sentenced to life for raping girlfriend’s daughter
  69. ChiCongo police: Woman sexually assaulted by negroid
  70. Sexual assault suspook parks at church before attacking victim
  71. Negro monkey exposed himself to employee at Subway
  72. Oklahoma restaurant fires 12 mestizo workers after ‘Day Without Immigrants'
  73. Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump
  74. Colored Boy mauled by dad’s pit bulls is in critical condition
  75. World Trade Center bomber ‘Blind Sheikh’ dies in prison
  76. 21 workers fired for taking part in 'Day Without Immigrants' protest
  77. RPT: Trump's Border Wall Could Save Americans Nearly $64 Billion Over 10 Years
  78. German Biker Clubs Now Violently Attacking Muslim Immigrants
  79. NAACP requires photo ID to attend anti voter ID protest march
  80. Mestizo arrested after sexually assaulting a woman while in the restroom
  81. Trial starting for buck (along w/ sow) in sexual assault of child case
  82. Hinesville, GA WM, 19 shot to death by a negro
  83. Spic arrested, colored boy sought shooting death WM, 23 Lakewood Ranch, FL community park
  84. Harrowing audio of nigga pimp beating a prostitute as she tried to flee was recorded by maid
  85. Colored boy, Kadeem dun pulled gun on NY's finest now a very good negro
  86. Wite wimman, 31 arrested wit 8 other groids in 'Felony Lane Gang' boonglaries
  87. Cops fatally shoot Hispanic teen robbery suspect Sergio Reyes with fake gun
  88. Latina music teacher accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with her male student,
  89. Race Traitors McCain, Merkel Criticize Trump's Calling the Judenpresse `The Enemy'
  90. Nigga Arrested In Fatal ChiCongo Valentine’s Day Shooting Streamed On Facebook Live
  91. Has DICE shoehorned too many black characters into Battlefield 1?
  92. Ohio caged coon charged with assaulting officer using HIV-positive urine
  93. Joo Mayor of Tuscon, AZ has Prius carjacked by negro
  94. Negress (gender unsure) perp of interest shooting death WF, 25 Ashland, VA Walmart
  95. Negress arrest shooting death WF, 25 Ashland, VA Walmart
  96. Mexican mestizo who escaped Illinois prison in 2003 arrested by ICE
  97. What?--$600 million contract btwn Wash. Post and CIA?
  98. Canada: Paki Arrested for Sex Assault
  99. Teachers enjoy "Day Without Immigrants"
  100. Hispanic (democrat) State assemblywoman’s niece busted for embezzlement