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  1. TG doll based on jew run depravity TLC network show "I am Jazz" to debut
  2. Black Man arrested for making terroristic threats on Facebook
  3. 12 hrs in office-The White House’s LGBT rights page has disappeared
  4. WM, 46 shot to death at Round Rock, TX gas station by negro
  5. Book Review: Bradford's "Original Intentions" on making of US Constitution
  6. Negro Arrested Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Teen and Threatening to Pimp Her Out; LASD
  7. Mestizo Gets 20 Years After Pleading Guilty to Elm Springs Walmart Shooting
  8. Quanice, a colored boy wit replica gun iz now good negro via Portland kwaps
  9. Map shows world's 'most racist' countries (and the answers may surprise you)
  10. 1 Spook Captured, 1 At Large In Murders Of 3 People In Maplewood, N.J.
  11. Update: 2nd spook captured In Murders Of 3 People In Maplewood, N.J.
  12. Colored boy who tried to shoot WM Buffalo cop is going in a cage for 19 years
  13. Retired Ventura County jiggaboo judge, nephew of Don King lead poisons mudshark, self to deaf
  14. Canada: Another great Court decision: Immigrants allowed to (behead, eat) Whites
  15. (Black District Atty Seth Williams Won’t Seek Re-Election For Third Term Following Ethics Violations
  16. Mammy ooks for charges against Bridgeton, NJ kwap that made her aspiring rapper a good negro
  17. Hundreds of illegal alien immigrants arrested in ‘enforcement surge’
  18. Canada: (Asian) Greyhound passenger who beheaded, cannibalized passenger is granted freedom
  19. New York cRapper Troy Ave makes court fashion statement with fur coat, bulletproof vest
  20. Negro arrest missing Ohio State WF, 21 coed: nude body found shot to death in park
  21. EVIL Negro arrest missing Ohio State WF, 21 coed: nude body found shot to death in park
  22. Nashville cop dispatch worthless negro from public housing complex to great waddymelon patch in sky
  23. Jersey City jiggaboo charged after shooting himself in hims muh dik
  24. 'Enough is enough': Springfield, MA Mayor critical of new 'influx' of refugees to city via juden
  25. People Are Cancelling Their Subscriptions To Boycott Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’
  26. Cameras catch SF BART janitor Liang Zhao Zhan who pulled in $270,000 OT spending hours in closet
  27. Grammys to Feature First Man, Transgender Woman as ‘Trophy Girls’
  28. Coon couple arrested after ordering Shlomobucks evacuation
  29. Mudshark mom of 1 of 2 niggaz that stabbed colored lady, 92 to death for $70 claims didn't kill her
  30. Fambly, uppity knee grows, coddlers demand video of groid made good by ATL kwaps, apology
  31. Cleveland police looking for negro monkey who exposed himself, inappropriately touched woman
  32. Naked negro molests another man taking shower at South Loop gym
  33. Las Vegas trial opens for former hotel security guard, Jiggaboo Johnson raped 2 guests
  34. Homeless wite wimman arrested for having sex with boys in public bathroom on the MLK
  35. Hispanic Burglar Felix Perez wants $10M after cops shot him in the butt
  36. New York Fire Department department is pouring $10 million into an effort to recruit more minorities
  37. Australia: POLICE are hunting a gang of dozens of Sudanese youths who stole phones, wallets and bags
  38. VA negro monkey arrested for public masturbation
  39. Canada: Fake Homo Immigration Scams
  40. Ku Klux Klan Promotional Fliers Distributed To Neighbors In Cinnaminson, N.J.
  41. KKK Valentine’s-Themed Fliers Now Reportedly Found In 4 N.J. Towns
  42. Penn State Officials Call Anti-Immigration Posters 'Deeply Offensive'
  43. ‘Neo-Nazis’ beat up antifa brothers over ‘anti-fascist’ sticker: cops
  44. Vice co-founder shames victims of alleged neo-Nazi beatdown
  45. Neo-Nazi’ charged with bar assault claims he was provoked
  46. Iraqi refugee robbed in Times Square shortly after arriving to US
  47. Dozens of criminal illegal alien "immigrants" arrested in NYC during raids: leaked memo
  48. Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election
  49. A nigger's nigger that raped child, 2 knuckle drags out of courthouse
  50. A nigger's nigger that raped child, 2 - walked away from child rape trial sentenced to life in jail
  51. Black Woman Accused of Scalding Baby
  52. Negro monkey sex offender charged with exposing himself outside Jersey City school
  53. Jersey City jiggaboo tried raping woman days after he assaulted cops
  54. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  55. Germany: Horror in Germany as elderly woman on her way to work raped in driveway by foreigner
  56. Thousands gather in remembrance of World War II destruction of Dresden
  57. JAP confuses surveyor marks with swastikas, instantly becomes laughing stock.
  58. Nashville negro convicted for rape, sexual assault of 2 girls
  59. Police seek negro who attacked, sexually assaulted woman at motel
  60. Nestless negro with HIV rapes (White) woman near Chattahoochee River
  61. Murder warrant issued for negro after wite wimman (mudshark?) found deff in road w/upper body trauma
  62. Virginia gubernatorial candidate attacked by mob while defending Robert E. Lee monument
  63. Negro Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Rape Teenage Jogger; Ontario Police Say Girl Fought Back
  64. Philly’s (white) LGBT Affairs Director Is Out, City Announces (black) Replacement
  65. Philly Police: Man Sitting In Wheelchair Shot Through Bedroom Window - 2 black suspects
  66. Wife, Stepson Charged In Shooting Death Of KKK Leader
  67. Ex-Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky's Son Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges
  68. 2 Former Penn State Administrators Plead Guilty For Role In Sandusky Child Molestation Case
  69. Mestizo Illegal Immigrant Stung Buying Grenade Launcher in South Texas
  70. Hispanic man claims (black) cop has ‘fetish’ for violating body cavities
  71. Meddling Mexis hit official chased off parking lot, threatened with arrest
  72. Police bust Hispanic trio wanted for gunpoint robbery
  73. South African WF, 44 found naked, EYES gouged out, stabbed 21X by negro
  74. Coalburner's buck 'Maniack' is going in federal cage 22 years after ooking sex trafficking charges
  75. Re: New Nation Swastika Sightings - swastika drawn on kids arm
  76. Canada: School Board Trustee uses the nigger word to call a spade a spade
  77. Negro made good by NC trooper was shot by Durham kwap in 2008
  78. Negro, 20, takes dirt nap after battling with Buffalo kwaps during arrest
  79. Police: AC Fire Captain Captures, Subdues (black) Home Invasion Suspect
  80. Police: (Black) Woman Attacks Another During Robbery Attempt In North Philadelphia
  81. (Black) Thieves Use Stolen ATM Card Info to Withdraw $17,000 from Bucks County Bank: Police
  82. Hispanic found guilty of kidnap, homo-rape and murder of little boy Etan Patz ...
  83. Negro Monkey Exposed Himself to Kids Outside Store
  84. Chinese Man admits to smuggling turtles through JFK Airport
  85. Negro caged 36 to 72 years for shooting Williamsport, PA WM cabbie $26 robbery
  86. Mestizo Gardener ‘on the run after having sex with a client’s dog’ has been*found
  87. Mestizo Gardener ‘on the run after having sex with a client’s dog’ has been*found
  88. WM, 58 bus driver dies after stabbing at University of Manitoba by injun
  89. Mom's boonfriend charged with murder in mixed toddler's death
  90. Negro requests plea withdrawl 2014 stab death Mayfield, KY WM, 65
  91. (Black) Man guilty of murder (of white 'friend') in 2013 Waukegan motel stabbing
  92. Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! Police search for man linked to decades-old rape case
  93. Video Captures Brazen Armed Robbery by gang of 3 blacks Inside Philly Laundromat
  94. KC TNB: Fight, shooting on KC bus
  95. Durham, NC WM, 41 clerk slain in robbery gone awry by colored boy, Jarrell
  96. KKK Valentine’s-Themed Fliers Now Reportedly Found In 4 N.J. Towns, Bucks County
  97. Coalition of coons demands clarity after Detroit kwap makes worthless colored boy deff
  98. Two Teachers Suspended Over Palestinian Guest Speaker At School. Parents feared Quaker anti-Israel
  99. Dirty old black Man from Nigeria Accused of Grabbing and Forcibly Kissing SEPTA Officer
  100. (Interracial) Former Delaware County Fire Company Officials Take Plea Deal for Theft And Conspiracy