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  1. Tattooed Montgomery County Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder
  2. Spic in hit-and-run crash that killed WM Cleveland cop has more than dozen driving convictions
  3. Hispanic NJ State Police Employee Milton Cortina Faces Sexual Assault and Child Porn Charges
  4. White House freezes out CNN which President Trump has accused of reporting “fake news”
  5. Blacktivists: Eric Garner’s mom, Al Sharpton’s daughter arrested at Trump protest
  6. ‘Anti-Israel’ political cartoon in Regents exam sparks kyke whining
  7. Hispanic Scam artist dodges 99 years in prison
  8. Hispanic Teacher Hector Cruz busted for raising roosters for illegal cockfights
  9. Spic named wite wimman w/ new negro lover sentenced to life toilet-tank-lid slaying old bf
  10. Update: Spic named wite wimman w/ new negro lover sentenced to life toilet-tank-lid slaying old bf
  11. Re: World’s worst drug lord escapes Mexican prison through tunnel - appears in Brooklyn court
  12. Tulsa Negro Caged 200 Years Homo Sex Crimes Of Boys
  13. 2 of 3 negros arrested on charges of raping passed-out woman in Gardens
  14. 3 negros arrested on charges of raping passed-out woman in Gardens
  15. 13 yr old minibuck kidnaps and rapes 4 yr old girl.
  16. Negro wanted for forcible sodomy in York County arrested in Oklahoma
  17. Pasco, FL WM, 44 shot, killed during Craigslist meet-up; one colored boy arrested, one on the run
  18. Upd: Pasco, FL WM, 44 shot, killed during Craigslist meet-up; both evil worthless blacks arrested
  19. Pair of spades sought by police. Considered armed and dangerous
  20. Yonkers negroid Chase personal banker gets jail time for stealing $122K from customer
  21. Negro arrested for raping, robbing woman
  22. Independence mestizo who says he can’t remember killing his wife charged with her death
  23. KU negroid Lagerald Vick likely hit female student, report says
  24. DNC Expels Negroid Chairman Candidate From Race for Criticism of Islam
  25. Sad Sow stabs buck in butt ova beer refrigerator
  26. Police: (Black) Pregnant Woman Stabs Teen Inside Philly Store
  27. Hispanic Boyfriend Pedro Lora-Pena Charged With Murder After Missing Woman’s Body Found In Trunk
  28. Hispanic Boyfriend Pedro Lora-Pena Charged With Murder Over Texts to Other Man
  29. Female Teacher Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With 16-Year-Old Girl
  30. Re: Female Teacher who had sex with three students is denied parole
  31. Upd:Anthony Weiner disgraced Jewish ex politician married to Hillary's muslim Huma - "Sext" scandals
  32. Is Branson setting up a primate preserve? Obamas vacationing on white billionaire Branson's island
  33. Over 1K city sandnigger Yemeni-American bodega owners plan to strike in protest of travel ban
  34. Someone's got to work! Malia Obama
  35. (Asian oriental) IRS lawyer Vitayanon faces charges for trying to sell meth
  36. Mudshark wheels 2 negros to Owosso, MI Walmart for weed deal; 2 WM's shot to death
  37. Woman attacked by the negro after getting off CTA bus in South Shore
  38. Negro rapes woman while the negress sodomizes her
  39. (foreign surnamed) Officer in Deadly Wrong-Way Wreck Could Get 21 Years
  40. Ontario negro committed lewd acts on teen girls
  41. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  42. Re: Ex-Penn St. Coach Sandusky Charged With Homo Sex Abuse of Young Boys -Trial for Penn State admin
  43. President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court, Gorsuch, started Fascism Forever Club in high school
  44. Muslim cop: I was bullied, beaten and harassed for wearing a hijab
  45. NYC: Hispanic School employee Maria Salazar used emergency contacts to hawk insurance policies
  46. Obama spent billions trying to fix public schools — and failed
  47. Mom, Keleisha Kelly, arrested for bringing nearly naked child into freezing cold
  48. Cyberbullying in city schools soars - gay kid outed to his parents
  49. Colored man charged after 3 hour standoff with police
  50. U.S. Army Authorizes (black women to wear 'regulation') Dreadlocks While In Uniform
  51. "Fitty-fo" year old colored KC man charged in connection to murder caught on*video
  52. Groid caged 12.5 years shoe hammering mudshark to deaf during an argument hims muh dikking daughter
  53. Upd:Groid caged 12.5 years shoe hammering mudshark to deaf during argument hims muh dikking daughter
  54. Tavis iz a very good negro after running over White female Arlington, TX cop 2X
  55. Buck charged with tenderizing niglet
  56. Upper Darby Laotian woman fights back, shoots negroid laundromat attacker with his gun
  57. Canada: Police handcuff 6-year old (black female) chimp-out
  58. Biscuit Lip Facing Charges of Battery After Altercation with Two Women
  59. 4 People Accused Of Sex Trafficking Minors In Philadelphia
  60. Low Down Queer, Homo, Faggot Marriage Is Fueling Research On Lab-Grown GMO Babies
  61. Police: (Black) High School Cafeteria Worker Caught Selling Marijuana To Students On School Grounds
  62. Former High School Wrestling Coach Charged With Child Porn
  63. Joint Investigation Leads To Major (Hispanic) Drug Bust In Philadelphia
  64. Baby Girl Left on Corner Unharmed After (black) Suspect Steals Car With Her in it
  65. Kyke and mud protesters storm NYU over conservative speaker’s seminar
  66. Authorities seize 100 pounds of heroin from massive (Hispanic) ‘drug ring’
  67. Texas Gov. Abbott cuts funding to Austin over sanctuary city policies
  68. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case - Reginald Nicholas Williams, 20, charged
  69. Negro charged with statutory rape, sex offenses of minor
  70. Body of missing BF, 14 found abandoned Cleveland home, sambo sex offender charged
  71. Dark Hispanic in Deadly Newark Shooting Found Hiding in Dumpster Behind High School: Prosecutors
  72. France: Soldier shoots machete-wielding man who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the Louvre
  73. (Black) Director used film about vets with PTSD as scam: lawsuit
  74. Madisonville, KY WM, 25 stabbed to death by the negro
  75. Negro Sexually Assaulted Vulnerable Adult - (sex of victim not reported)
  76. Raleigh negro charged with attempted rape
  77. Durham white mom terrified after negro tries to kidnap her son
  78. Caldwell coon sentenced to 99 years for sexual assault of minor
  79. Caldwell coon sentenced to 99 years for sexual assault of his nine-year-old daughter
  80. Mook wearing 'Black History' shirt tries to rob South Florida bank
  81. 2 faggots arrested after sex act on Bed Bath & Beyond display bed
  82. WM, 56 shot to death in Denver by 'very radicalized' Muslim convert
  83. EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn negro nabbed in rape of 9-year-old girl
  84. Pine Bluff Drug Raid Turns up $13K in Cash and A Crackhead Negro
  85. Houston negress sow charged with child porn, child sex assault
  86. Jiggaboo Jamaal raped a 14-year-old
  87. Police Charge Pennsylvania State Trooper With Indecent Assault of a Child
  88. Coon Hunt For North Little Rock Bank Robber
  89. Cops seek negro monkey who masturbated across from woman on Brooklyn subway
  90. Negro sentenced to life in prison for sexual abuse of children
  91. Negroid predator charged in sexual assault of senior
  92. Cal. is acting boldly in spirit of states rights, pushing bill to totally defy fed. immigration rule
  93. Re: This is why niggers belong in cages: Suspect Arrested In South Shore Plaza Shooting
  94. Philly Police: Cold Case 3 black s Killed White Officer Frederick Cione 47 Years Ago
  95. Re: Malaria Obama parties into the early morning in NYC
  96. Cops arrest (black) man for ‘crucifying’ and raping girlfriend’s 9-year-old
  97. (Black) Mom says she was blind to daughter’s alleged sex abuse by boyfriend
  98. 3 negros arrested in shooting of pizza deliveryman in northeast Las Vegas
  99. Teacher suspended for pulling letter of recommendation for teenager who put up swastika
  100. (Black) Woman films herself giving oral sex in courthouse