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  1. Texas negro convicted in 2 slayings at Subway shop set to die 1/27/17
  2. Two Phoenix white men assaulted, stripped and whipped with a belt by niggers
  3. Book Review: "The Story Of Reconstruction," by Robt. S. Henry
  4. Video shows Hispanic burglar using van as battering ram to rob store
  5. Cops nab (3 foreigner) toll scofflaw who owe $644K in fees and fines
  6. (Black) Man Convicted of Raping 83-Year-Old Glassboro Woman
  7. More Than 150 (mostly? black) Fugitives Caught In New Jersey Crime Sweep
  8. BLACK Suspect Threatens Clerk With Box Cutter During Wawa Robbery
  9. MEXICAN Man Mario Calderon Arrested In Connection To Abington Bank Robbery, Deported Twice
  10. 8 month pregnant mudshark face, neck traumatized to deff by her negro lover
  11. Home intruder, Jiggaboo Jamal tries to seduce pregnant woman until mom steps in
  12. Updates: Coon caged for extreme niglet tenderizing
  13. New York City: Feds find ‘questionable’ audio recordings made by convicted Jewish "Vigilante" leader
  14. JFK wheelchair service denied Muslim employees right to pray: complaint
  15. Sheboon arrested for throwing used tampon at police officer
  16. Negroid muh diks tg thingee den shoots it afterward
  17. Port Huron Black Charged With Kidnapping, Multiple Sex Assaults After Old Rape Kits Processed
  18. Police capture negro accused of stealing police cruiser
  19. Nigga will steal yo stuff: stolen TV; designer purse thefts
  20. Woman Sexually Assaulted While Out Walking Dog By Dark Skin Boy
  21. Wite wimman passenger ejected deff crash, 2nd female deff by driver who thought he wuz a wanted coon
  22. Victims ask judge to seize Angola inmate Corey 'C-Murder' Miller's rap album earnings
  23. 15-Year-Old Colored Boy Charged With Raping Two Women at Gunpoint
  24. Wite wimman fatally shot 'cared about everybody' but hung out with the wrong nigga, her mother says
  25. 2 WM DeSoto, MS deputies shot will recover by dead nigger storage that spent most of life in cage
  26. Jury convicts negro of involuntary manslaughter in June 2016 stabbing death Chester, IL WM, 26
  27. Brazen (black) Robber Attacks Woman Closing Philly Business
  28. Vineland Police: (Hispanic) Parents Charged After Baby Suffers Serious Injuries Due to Shaking
  29. (Black) East Stroudsburg University Student Jahmir Mapp Admits to Selling Drugs on SnapChat
  30. Black Woman threw baby across room during argument
  31. College discriminated against student pro-life group: suit
  32. Anger control counseling ineffective for the buck that lead poisoned mudshark, himself to deff
  33. Serial groid groper - arrested more than 60 times - jailed again for suspected sex assault in DC
  34. White Laguna Beach, CA couple w/ adopted fashion accessory receive waddymelon seeds of hate
  35. Silverback negro exposed himself, assaulted woman at Spartanburg motel
  36. Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds
  37. Malaria Obama goes full nigtard at Sundance
  38. Trump on Madonna: ‘Honestly, she’s disgusting’
  39. Madonna adopts (2 more black African) twin sisters from Malawi
  40. Hispanic 3-year-old’s death ruled a homicide months later
  41. New York GOP: Dems’ plan to increase tax on wealthy could lead to ‘Vampire State’
  42. Shooting death of Fitzgerald, GA WF, 9 collateral damage along w/ coalburning mother
  43. Spooks in Detroit gas station murder helped customers, shuck and jive on camera
  44. ‘I Thought My Neck Was Broken,’ WF, 20 Jumped By 20 Feral Nigger Monkeys In Brooklyn
  45. 1 of 2 negros that raped, sodomized Louisville WF, 20 to death in 1981 wants out of his cage
  46. 2 nigger sow Malcolm X descendants accused of truck theft, dog abuse
  47. Cobb police investigate rape by negroid Lyft driver
  48. WF choked, carjacked after colored boys asked for change; police ID 1 spook
  49. WF choked, carjacked after colored boys asked for change; police ID 1 spook - mugshot released
  50. WM, 39 killed in Nashville robbery identified; negro charged, tattooed wigger sought
  51. WM, 39 killed in Nashville robbery identified; negro charged, tattooed wigger sought
  52. Negroid boyfriend of missing Abilene wite wimman arrested
  53. Negroid boyfriend of missing Abilene wite wimman arrested - body found in lake
  54. Negroid boyfriend of missing Abilene wite wimman arrested - black's new white GF tampered with evdnc
  55. Angry thieving negro threatens to shoot, slash throats of female NOLA officers
  56. Police charge Fayetteville negro with rape
  57. Negro arrested for rape of 9-year-old girl
  58. The New Face of Mr. Clean is Jiggaboo Jackscoon
  59. Proof #2 that climate change dogma is a criminal fraud
  60. Noam the Chump: Climate Change and Nuclear War, Most Dangerous Threats to the Human Species
  61. Elderly Woman Sexually Assaulted by Negro Hired to Work on Her Home
  62. Ukiah, CA WM, 62 to face murder trial, self-defense dispatching nog to negro heaven
  63. Army vet says cRapper Gucci Mane booted him from seat at football game
  64. New face of Gerber is 7-month-old non-white baby from Ohio
  65. New Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by feetsball players in 4 years; Do you like wite wimmenz?
  66. Black Sports: Black Baylor coach arrested on prostitution charges
  67. Black Sports:Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by feetsball players in 4 years; you like wite wimmenz?
  68. Sheriff: 17 (BLACK) Colombian men linked to 120 Houston-area burglaries
  69. 3 blacks invade white's house - police find pot
  70. (White) Community First Victim Relief
  71. Cops nab (dark-skinned) man wanted for murder during routine pot bust
  72. Suspic charged with attempted murder for subway shove
  73. Trump fan attacks hijab-wearing Muslim Delta employee: DA
  74. Criminal in Chief” — 78 Times Osambo Broke the Law During Presidency
  76. Jews are the enemy of old europe -fighting together, with our Muslim brothers,
  77. WF cashier, 23, shot in the back and paralyzed by 2 black- is 4 weeks pregnant -baby ok
  78. Canada Wants to Take Unvetted Islamic “Refugees” Detained at U.S. Airports
  79. Canada Wants to Take Unvetted Islamic “Refugees” Detained at U.S. Airports
  80. Private Prison bonds swell with Trump win.
  81. 10-month-old Rottweiler saves WF from negroid attacker in The Woodlands, TX
  82. Update: 10-month-old Rottweiler saves WF from negroid attacker in The Woodlands, TX
  83. UK: Doctors banned from calling pregnant patients 'mothers': It might offend trannys
  84. Jew Yorker rag 2/6 cover reimages Rosie the Riveter as a wimman of color
  85. Thieving mammy arrested after shielding herself from security guard wif nigfant
  86. Goofy groid dun set fire in lobby of historic knee grow peoples Phoenix church
  87. Police: Mystery Meatess Throws 5-Year-Old Onto Railroad Tracks As Train Was
  88. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio : Travel ban may lead to Muslim LIST
  89. (Black) Mom who beat her son to death: ‘He’s gone and it’s all my fault’
  90. a gang of naked firefighters sexually abused a black rookie firefighter
  91. Transportation nightmare at JFK after muzzie cabbies join protest
  92. (Black female) Principal hid disruptive students in trailer during review visits
  93. Niggers are to banks what flies are to feces - takedown was straight out of Hollywood
  94. Negro monkey arrested for masturbating at UNF ooks on social media
  95. (Black) cRapper Chief Keef Arrested on Assault and Robbery Charges
  96. UK: College Lecturer Punched In Face And Knocked Into Freezing Canal by Muslims For ‘Being White’
  97. 6 shot dead at Quebec City Mosque
  98. Prosecutors to appeal negroid rapist's sentence to US Supreme Court
  99. Bishop attacked during mass at Newark basilica by feral negro
  100. Starbucks pledges to hire 10,000 refugees