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  1. Orlando nightclub gunman's wife arrested
  2. Obama family won’t waste any time leaving after inauguration
  3. Abused Hispanic infant Sherlin Yeslin Camacho dies from injuries
  4. Abused (Hispanic) tot’s death ruled a homicide
  5. Catholic Parish music director Rafael Diaz, charged with molesting student
  6. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  7. Negro monkey squirted conditioner on women, pleasured himself at Target
  8. MLK, first black to walk on moon, get on Mt. Rushmore, Mark Dice int-views public on subject
  9. Europe Gears Up for ‘Record Levels’ of New Migrants in 2017
  10. Police Arrest Black Man (named 'White') Allegedly Behind 2 Gunpoint Robberies In Philadelphia
  11. Black Bouncer Charged With Murder In Philly Bar Manager’s Shooting
  12. Vandals Target Home of Pastor Who Opposes Mosque in NJ
  13. Teen Negro Arrested For Annapolis, MD Homicide of WM, 55
  14. Illegal Mexican Mestizo Arrested for Child Sexual Assault
  15. Kwaps unsure of relationship negro, coalburner after she set her deaf buck up
  16. White fag tenderized w/ wooden rod by 2 negros in gorilla masks Dallas Target parking lot
  17. Update: White fag tenderized w/ wooden rod by 2 negros in gorilla masks Dallas Target parking lot
  18. White fag tenderized w/ wooden rod by 2 negros in gorilla masks - 2nd nig arrested
  19. Re: 2 feral niggers kill White family in Richmond VA - execution scheduled
  20. Colored gurl, 18 dun stabbed her lover, the aged 47 knee grow holy man to deaf
  21. Screwdriver-Toting Hispanic Man in Pajamas Rafael Maldonado Runs Into Pennsylvania School: Police
  22. Black waitress sues after cops search her vagina for drugs in public
  23. (Democrat) Eva Moskowitz supports Trump’s education secretary pick
  24. Puerto Rican terrorist among prisoners freed by Obama
  25. Shame made father lie about son ditching college to join ISIS
  26. Orlando police capture black cop-killer Markeith Loyd after manhunt
  27. Negroid pit bull owner in custody after Atlanta white boy, 6 dies in attack
  28. Colored gurl, 17, charged with knife-point rape of 19-year-old man
  29. Black Philadelphia Murder Suspect Arrested In Virginia, Found Hiding In Cubby Hole
  30. (Black) Philadelphia Murder Suspect Arrested In Virginia, Found Hiding In Cubby Hole
  31. New Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers Across US Raise Alarms
  32. Police say this black man exposed his genitals to a 7-year-old girl
  33. (Black) Man charged with trafficking over 30 guns into Brooklyn
  34. Black Man Charged In Decades Old Miami Beach Murder
  35. Pothead cRapper Snoop Dog Vowing To Personally Go After Any Negroid Person Who Performs For Trump!
  36. Stumbling Sail Foam Suspects Sought In Philly
  37. Quashaad James Faces Charges for Church Fair Melee Over the Summer
  38. Feds seek to indict Garner chokehold cop before Trump takes office
  39. Alanis Morrisette Says Rep (((Schwartz ))) Had One Hand In Her Pocket, Stole $4.7M
  40. Leon de negro arrested on child sex assault charge
  41. Biden gives new phrase, "Liberal world order," to substitute for NWO, in speech
  42. Over-inflated Bootlipped Negroid Entered Home, Got Naked, Jumped Into Bed With Woman In Westbury, LI
  43. 9-year-old girl killed 2X Cinci shooting, WF seen exiting home, 3 negros sought
  44. Negro raped three children under the age of 13
  45. US Marshals in Miami make negro arrest after Fayetteville, NC WM, 86 decorated veteran found dead
  46. Fears For Queers Expressed At LGBTQ Conference Over Changes To Affordable Care Act
  47. Macon, GA WF, 47 terrorized at home by groidle little negro monkeys chucking rocks shoots 1 in head
  48. Update: GA WF, 47 terrorized at home by groidle little negro monkeys chucking rocks shoots 1 in head
  49. Bakery Criticized Online For Making Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Cakes
  50. (Hispanic) Man Accused Of Vehicular Homicide In 2010 Found In Peru
  51. Missing (black) New Jersey Man "Fofana" Found Killed in North Carolina
  52. Bail revoked for hip-hop personality charged in T.I. concert shooting
  53. Three (black) idiots ride on the back of subway
  54. Cop was certain black suspect had a gun before partner shot him
  55. Negro Arrested In Deadly Shooting Edmond, OK WM, 23
  56. (Black) Man Charged For Dealing Fentanyl-Laced Heroin, Causing Man’s Overdose
  57. College Offers ‘Is God A White Supremacist?’ Religion Class by Tariq al-Jamil
  58. White DOT bosses were racist, demoted black workers: lawsuit
  59. Jamaican tried smuggling 4 pounds of coke in beef patties
  60. Niglet Shot in the Head When Tyrone Took Her on Drug Deal
  61. Here's great expose' of Jehovah's Witnesses fm several decades ago
  62. Crazy negress arrested for kidnapping door-to-door salesperson den chases her in the nest while nude
  63. Trump’s Day One Plan Could Impact "SANCTUARY CITY" Philadelphia
  64. Kenney says Philly will remain a sanctuary city despite Trump's order to pull funds
  65. (((Zuckerberg)) sues native Hawaiians to sell ancestral rights to protect HIS privacy
  66. Boon accused of fondling minor
  67. (Another) Negro Charged With Sexual Assault Of Children
  68. WM, 26 Westwego officer, woman killed in Marrero, LA by the negro
  69. NIGERIAN Tech worker busted for trying to sell NYPD personnel data
  70. New Yorkers are furious about de Blasio’s anti-Trump rally
  71. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news Copy Posts
  72. Negro charged with rape of another man
  73. Video catches heartless crooks robbing a 9-year-old niglet
  74. (Black) Schoolgirls Akirah and Breeyana allegedly body-slammed by cops sue NYPD for millions
  75. Rape Victim Says She Trusted ‘Ordained Negroid Erectus Minister’ Before Attack
  76. Philly Police: (Black) Man Wanted for Attempting to Abduct Girl From Mother
  77. FBI technician Kun Shan Chun who confessed to spying for China apologizes to colleagues
  78. Chinese spies: (Chinese woman) Head of US Patent Office Michelle Lee will remain under Pres Trump
  79. Blacktivist TWC worker allegedly posts cop-bashing signs in company truck
  80. Negro buck was ‘covered in blood’ after he stabbed mudshark 11X to deff ooks guilty
  81. Slopes set pitbull on fire before eating it, warning graphic. Petition
  82. Buck negro arrested 2011 blunt force trauma deff coalburner found next to hot water heater in water
  83. Burglars Fenced Stolen Goods on Jewelers Row - Wasim Shazad charged
  84. (Black) New Jersey Woman, Brother Charged With Desecrating Murdered Husband's Remains
  85. WM, 60 invites younger negro for homo sex beaten, bludgeoned, stabbed to deff
  86. Rabbis Trigger- ‘In Mourning’ Over Inauguration, Call for a Fast, Plan Resistance to Trump
  87. 2 spooks try to rob, kidnap armed Domino's delivery man; 1 iz a very good nigger
  88. INDIANAPOLIS PD arrests 2 black men walking down street with 40 pounds of stolen beef
  89. Knock, knock who dare? Coalburner shot to deff by ex negro lover while answering the door
  90. No pardon for former KC Black Panthers leader
  91. GERMANY – Jews Furious At German Politician’s Call To End Nazi Guilt from Yahoo
  92. Police: (Hispanic) New Jersey Man Alesandel Rodriguez Owes More Than $56,000 In Tolls, Fees
  93. Caught On Video: Transgender Woman Attacked In Center City (by black male)
  94. Caught On Video: Transgender Woman(?) Attacked In Center City by black youth (arrested)
  95. Police: Woman Forced Into Sex Act (by black) During Home Invasion In Chestnut Hill
  96. Las Vegas police report details woman’s brutal relationship with negro pimp
  97. Cops bust illegal gambling club posing as a deli - spanic manager Juan Antonio Susana Corona charged
  98. Glorious Leader fires all (Obama appointee) foreign Ambassadors
  99. Colored boy military academy athlete, 16, accused of sexual assault at gunpoint
  100. Employee shot and killed during robbery at Henderson, NV jewelry store; negro at large