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  1. Zion, IL Dairy Queen franchisee loses store after n-word rant
  2. Penn State HOMO Abuse Scandal Costs Approach a Quarter-Billion Dollars
  3. Obama blasts Bernie Bros for undermining ObamaCare
  4. Bama-bama O bama Obamacare
  5. Black Teen arrested in alleged attack on White man before Galveston cruise
  6. Negro monkey dun blew hims nut on counter of Circle K
  7. Black Man arrested for domestic abuse battery for fourth time, police say
  8. Grinning Groid Teacher Accused in Pupil Sex Case is Dad of New Year’s Baby
  9. Mudflap Therapist Dun Massaged Slope Client Wit Hims Muh Dik
  10. California murder convict becomes first U.S. inmate to have state-funded sex reassignment surgery
  11. Yahoo Finance Tweets Worst Typo Of All Time: Trump’s stated wish to build a “much nigger Navy”
  12. Maybelline Introduces First Male Makeup Ambassador
  13. NOPD: 2 negros take turns Christmas Day rape
  14. Australia: Asian One Nation candidate says homosexuality is an illness
  15. Somoolie 'refugee' 1 week arrival Aberdeen, SD convicted of trying to molest handicapped female
  16. Ghana refugee fag nearly freezes to deff crossing Canadian border from Minnesota
  17. Wannabe sambo soldier preyed on young boys online
  18. Deputies arrest nigger sow ringleader of Putnam County dog-fighting ring
  19. Miss Helsinki 2017 is a negress..and ugly
  20. Man who shot snowho's pimp 11X, making him a very good nigga won't face criminal charges
  21. Woman reportedly raped by spic dollar van driver
  22. ultra-Orthodox Jewish Man who beat black gay student should give up money raised for defense: suit
  23. Sentence delayed for (Jewish Orthodox) brute convicted of beating of gay black man
  24. First black member of the peerage - posted 2013
  25. UK: Students demand Plato, Descartes and other white philosophers be dropped from*curriculum
  26. A Black Royal to Be
  27. Book Review, Essay on Joe Story fm McClellan's Biography
  28. Black Sports:Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter reportedly arrested after altercation with officer
  29. Black sports:Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter reportedly arrested after altercation with officer
  30. Oldest verified alphabet PHOENICIAN-All consonants
  31. San Diego 2X Stabbing: M, 26 critical, F, 22 dead, negro sought
  32. San Diego 2X Stabbing: M, 26 critical, F, 22 dead, negro sought
  33. Man Robbed (by black) While Cleaning Snow Off Car In Delaware: Police
  34. Black sports: Video Supports Officer's Version in Steelers' Assistant Coach Arrest
  35. Streep-Obama Wild Speading Binge in Morocco
  36. Hamburg, Germany: nurse lured to park by 'fake cries for help' then sexually abused by 5 afrocoons
  37. (Black) Thugs beat up and rob old man
  38. 2nd officer killed: Deputy dies pursuing negro who fatally shot Orlando BF officer
  39. Negro wit missing teefs charged with sex assault of minor, home invasion
  40. LeBron James Puppet Mistaken For Racist ‘Lynching’ Effigy
  41. Big Bootlipped Negro Arrested for Sexual Assault Attempt, Stabbing
  42. 1 of 3 Canton coons gets 15 years in downtown rape, assault
  43. Philadelphians Brave The Cold To Prevent Climate Change - CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX - FAKE NEWS - PROPAGAN
  44. Philly Police: (Black) Man Refuses to Return 24K Ring, Threatens to Kill Employee
  45. Atlantic City Police Nab Robbery Suspect With Help From Icy Road - Darnell Carter and Jawaun Yeoman
  46. (Black) Ex-Death Row Inmate Faces Retrial in Drug-Related Killing in Delaware
  47. 1-Year-Old Hispanic Girl Sustains Brutal Sexual Assault, Stabs to Body, Say Police
  48. Shreveport sambo charged with rape of young girl, 5
  49. FL dismisses death penalty for Jiggaman that beat WM cellmate to death w/ sock full of batteries
  50. Juden Community Centers Targeted With Bomb Threats Across The East Coast
  51. UK rapper jailed for torturing woman with burning hot iron and repeatedly raping her in 3-day ordeal
  52. 3 blacks killed after stolen car plunges into icy pond in Albertson, Long Island
  53. Synagogue President Believes Recent Acts Of Vandalism Were Hate Crimes
  54. Darkie diplomat Mohammad Ali busted for grinding against woman on subway released thanks to immunity
  55. Darkie diplomat Muslim busted for grinding against woman on subway released thanks to immunity
  56. Witness Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn’s Hilarious Hatred For Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech
  57. Congressional niggers to testify against Sessions as AG, 'cause after all, he's white, u know
  58. Jury sentences Dylann Roof to death for Emanuel AME Church massacre
  59. Police: (black) Driver Charged After Leaving Child On School Bus Alone To Go Shopping
  60. DA: Former North Penn HS ROTC Instructor Charged With Institutional Sexual Assault Of Student
  61. (Black) Atlantic City Man Accused Of Engaging In Child Porn Across Several States
  62. (Black) Atlantic City Man Accused Of Engaging In Child Porn Across Several States
  63. Black female Woman accused of ripping boyfriend's testicle off
  64. (Black) Philly Rite Aid Robbers: ‘You Know What This Is, Open That Register’
  65. Sow waitress whines about note instead of tip: ‘Great service, don’t tip black people’
  66. Black Man who raped 83-year-old widow gets 115 years in jail
  67. Germany: If You Would Like a Hooker But Can’t Afford One, One Will Appointed to You
  68. Suspooks In Arvest Bank Robbery Connected To Other Area Robberies
  69. New York health department yanks ads from Breitbart - Jewish group protests
  70. Beanagers play bumper cars with stolen vehicles in parking lot
  71. Jane Fonda on the Warpath in Canada
  72. P.S. Jane Fonda on the Warpath in Canada
  73. P.S. Jane Fonda on the Warpath in Canada
  74. Nigro pastor charged with punching, kicking a church member
  75. Jews leaving France due to the numerous Islamics
  76. Lou Dobbs, Judge Nap. confirm what we knew, hitlery sent NUMEROUS classified e-mails to 3rd parties
  77. Silverback Grade Negro Charged With Kidnapping, Sexual Assault
  78. (Black) previously jailed for murder of White man was arrested for murder of White woman
  79. Negro wanted for questioning shooting death Augusta, GA WM, 21
  80. Philly Commission On Human Relations Holds Training For (disgusting fruit) LGBTQ Community
  81. WF, 23 raped by 2 niggers ooking racial slurs Aurora, CO shopping center
  82. Judge Approves Settlement in Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man in Wheelchair
  83. Black Commuter waves gun at MTA worker over service problems
  84. Man accused of recruiting for ISIS used code words: feds
  85. Update: Brother didn’t rat out ISIS recruit as ‘big f–k you’ to family
  86. Coonposite Sketch For Sexual Assault, Robbery Of 58-Year-Old Released
  87. Judge slams Spitzer ‘hooker’ after she refuses to leave jail cell
  88. Chink Parents Charged In Death Of 5-Year-Old Girl Found Hidden In*Restaurant
  89. Colored Boy, 16 Arrested in Connection With Fatal Shooting of Balch Springs, TX WM, 30
  90. Illegal Alien Mestizo Gets 12 Years for Hit-and-Run Crash Killing Pastor, Wife
  91. Negro arrested, believed to have 'brutally' killed Metairie, LA WM, 28 during $80 robbery
  92. Despite Demotion, (black) Ex-Wilmington Fire Chief Goode, 43, to Keep Working to Receive $54,500k
  93. Philadelphia Monsignor William Lynn Fights Retrial That He Covered Up Clergy Sexual Abuse
  94. NYU splits from Ban Ki-Moon’s nephew amid bribery charges
  95. NYC: Ten Hispanics arrested in major drug ring bust
  96. (Illegal alien) Fetus found in drain pipe resulted from miscarriage
  97. (Yiddish) Men tried luring boy into minivan with candy
  98. Nationalist Le Pen, of France, impressed, inspired by Trump, vows to follow lead
  99. Huntsville negress charged with murder in drunken crash that killed WM, 20
  100. Heroin Facility Shut Down In South Jersey, (black) Newark Man Arrested