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  1. Camden County Officer Opens Fire on Jose Antonio Fernandez Ventura During Domestic Assault Call
  2. Hispanic Man Jose Fernandez-Ventura Who Shot at Woman, Infant Dies After Being Shot by Officer
  3. Former Miss Italy finalist awarded an acid facial by ex afrocoonus lover
  4. City Of Industry Company Recalls Boots Because Tread Leaves Swastika Imprints
  5. Kwaps Want To Put Brakes On MLKoon Day Motorcycle Monkeyshines
  6. 2 Dead, 1 Critical, Dozens Arrested During MLK Rideout in South Florida
  7. Negress caregiver draws probation, judge’s ire for stealing $12k WM, 93
  8. (Black) Teens Going to Get Candy Shot in Newark Drive-By, 1 Killed: Sources
  9. Sambo sex offender found guilty of sexual battery on teen
  10. Video trailer/movie review 'Hidden Figures'- Magic negresses that saved NASA
  11. Student held at gunpoint by feral Harlem yoof refuses to hand over her chicken nugget
  12. De Blasio giving $30M to bus firm whose CEO donated to Democratic committee
  13. (Black female) City corrections worker busted for prostitution
  14. Police: Robbery Suspook Accused Of Shooting At Elderly Man Outside Fort Smith Restaurant*Arrested
  15. (Black female) Subway rider punches elderly woman in fight over seat
  16. (HISPANIC) Prison guard busted for smuggling phones, drugs into jail
  17. (HISPANIC) FDNY imposter Jose Vasquez tries duping police with phony ID
  18. Man Charged With Raping Child Over Several Years, Forces Standoff With Police
  19. Black Man Accused of Killing AC Woman Arrested In North Carolina
  20. (Hispanic) Vineland Resident Stabbed During Home Invasion, Still Captures (Hispanic) Attacker
  21. Manhunt Underway for black Suspect Who Escaped Police Car While Handcuffed
  22. Wetback charged asphyxiation death Las Vegas WF, 70 had been deported 2X
  23. Wetback arrested for asphyxiation death Las Vegas WF, 70 had been deported 2X
  24. Silverback Negro, 72, Charged With Sexually Abusing CFD Paramedic In Ambulance
  25. Mammy, Crazy Wite Wimman's Emotions Flare At SF Town Hall Kwap Shooting Of Mentally-Ill Groid
  26. Tacony Synagogue Vandalism Takes Center Stage At Town Watch Meeting
  27. 2 NJ Men Seleem Reynolds and Mikal Mitchell Indicted For Promoting Prostitution Of Children
  28. Nashua negro arrested on child sex assault charge
  29. Cucks Ask Why?: Mudshark's new buck cleans out 1/3 of nest of her prior buck's kids
  30. Memphis PD release negroid sketch of spook that dragged female, 81 to death
  31. Memphis PD release negroid sketch of spook that dragged WF, 81 to death
  32. Feral Nigger Shot By Tampa Kwap After He Chucks Flaming Accelerant On Him, K9
  33. Three Suspects Strike Police Car, Assault Pennsylvania Trooper & Flee - 1 black recaptured
  34. Daily News reporter Julian Garcia busted for $12K in unpaid tolls
  35. Ahem Mohammed el Gammal faces jail time for alleged ISIS recruitment
  36. Good Samaritan who stopped to help with car instead robbed by niggers in Queens
  37. Caged coon masturbating toward a female nurse lands hims additional 30 years
  38. US Mint Debuts First Gold Coin With Lady Liberty Depicted As Big Bootlipped Sheboon
  39. FOX's Cavuto exults over CNN's exposure as FAKE, says, "paybacks are bitch, eh?"
  40. Bucks County School District Apologizes for Sexual Abuse Math Question on High School Homework
  41. Court Denies (BLACK) Former Congressman Chaka Fattah's Request to Delay Prison Term
  42. Philadelphia Teachers Plan Black Lives Matter Week of Action
  43. Black Steelers Asst Coach Joey Porter Back With Team After DA Drops Some Bar Altercation Charges
  44. Smith Co. sambo sentenced to life for aggravated sexual assault of child
  45. Teacher who got pregnant by 13-year-old student gets 10 years in jail
  46. Indianapolis negroid monkey arrested for fondling himself outside Catholic mission
  47. Drug testing floated for White House press corps
  48. Dead nigger storage special: Wuz $10,000,000, now $6,700, sold
  49. (Muslim migrants) Turning Swedes into sex slaves
  50. Bootlip Coach Pleads Guilty to Sexual Relationship With Former Student
  51. Attention, maggots--I'm serious, but Rosie O'Donnel insists martial law needed till Trump is cleared
  52. Negro arrest made in shooting death of WM Seymour Johnson airman, 32
  53. Communifornia gets trillions of gallons of rainwater, dumps it in the ocean
  54. Serial rape spook arrested days after release
  55. 2 colored boys rape inmate at Ascension Parish Jail
  56. Niggers burglarize, point gun at head of Dania Beach, FL WF, 74
  57. Norwood, OH WF, 34 blind in one eye robbed by colored boys
  58. 3 victims killed in quintuple shooting in KC identified: 1 a WF, 20 w/ BM boyfriend
  59. Three black suspects wanted for murder of white woman with black boyfriend, 2 others dead and 2 more
  60. Update: 3 victims killed in quintuple shooting in KC identified: 1 a WF, 20 w/ BM boyfriend
  61. Black Nurse arrested after stealing from patients
  62. Kwaps Say They ID'd Negro Monkey in Banana Crash and Grab
  63. Despite Warnings From GOP, Kenney Proud To Call Philadelphia A Sanctuary City
  64. Lakewood police chief's home was burglarized by black
  65. 70-year-old Non Resident (Asian female) Alien Charged with Prostitution
  66. Jahlire Nicholson shot dead by police after threatening mother with tool
  67. Fort Lee sambo soldier arrested in connection with Henrico rape
  68. School may be forced to let girl play on boys basketball team
  69. Mudshark denies sex to buck, ends up lead filled in pile of debris; negro gits life in cage
  70. Recent busts of Chinese prostitutes - including illegal aliens sex-trafficked
  71. HISPANIC Man Admits Strangling Pregnant Girlfriend During Argument
  72. BLACK Armed Driver Shoots Man During Road Rage Incident: Police
  73. It’s time to face facts: Obama’s presidency was a failure
  74. Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections
  75. Charles Schumer and the “Dog-Whistle” Democrats
  76. Coonvicted child rapist wanted in Pierce County after cutting off GPS tracking bracelet
  77. Wanted negro arrested in DeKalb on rape, child molestation charges
  78. Maplewood mudflap who raped teen in assault shown on Facebook gets 12 years
  79. Parents outraged after principal stalls Black History Month show
  80. Black Albuquerque man arrested after child is rushed to hospital with severe burns
  81. 2 blacks charged in Newark carjacking after crash
  82. Black female Drugged Driver Crashes Into Gas Pump, Seriously Injuring Woman
  83. Coretta Scott King had ‘gut feeling’ MLK was loyal despite FBI findings - dated Jewish guy
  84. Hispanic Brother accused of literally stabbing sister in the back
  85. Groidle of sheboons beat straphanger after harassing elderly woman
  86. White Woman hit by car at gas station (by drugged black female) has died
  87. Obama's Dog Bites White White House Guest -
  88. Police: Woman Assaulted By Gunman Inside South Philly Garage - black man & black woman sought
  89. Wite wimman living w/ negro stabbed 79X, dumped vacant lot
  90. Canada: Amber Alert: 2 Ragheads abduct White 15-year old female - found safe
  91. 3 Tulsa shines shot to deaf near d MLK Blvd on MLK Day 2am
  92. Orlando nightclub gunman's wife arrested
  93. Obama family won’t waste any time leaving after inauguration
  94. Abused Hispanic infant Sherlin Yeslin Camacho dies from injuries
  95. Abused (Hispanic) tot’s death ruled a homicide
  96. Catholic Parish music director Rafael Diaz, charged with molesting student
  97. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  98. Negro monkey squirted conditioner on women, pleasured himself at Target
  99. MLK, first black to walk on moon, get on Mt. Rushmore, Mark Dice int-views public on subject
  100. Europe Gears Up for ‘Record Levels’ of New Migrants in 2017