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02-02-2018 until 03-05-2018
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old forum is working again - ok to switch back to 'old' forum at .com

NNN FORUM at nnnforum.com FIXED

THE NNN forum at nnnforum.com has been fixed.

OK to resume posting at the

I will copy over the user ids and passwords from the COM forum to the emergency backup ORG forum

so that there will not be a problem with passwords when going to the emergency backup forum at

I will try to synchronize the posts and threads but may just have to work with the situation that
posts from about 25 Jan 2018 Thursday through just now - 2 Feb 2018 Friday were mostly posted on the backup forum @ .org

I will try to sort things out and do another 'mass email' mailing alert - or just log on to the 'old' .com forum and check the Editor forum area if you can find it.

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Whitebear as NNN forum admin
Editor of New Nation News
and Newsroom Administrator

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